Broadband Assessment Business Survey

The Kansas Department of Commerce is conducting research to assess broadband availability and utilization among Kansas businesses.  Our economy is increasingly dependent on Internet-enabled business and we are sending you this annual survey as part of our ongoing efforts to foster business and community development throughout Kansas and in your community.

Completing the survey should only take about 20 minutes. Upon completing the survey, SNG will provide you with a whitepaper entitled “SME Best Practices for Utilizing Broadband to Compete in Today’s Digital Economy.” The paper is written with small and medium sized businesses in mind, giving you creative and affordable steps to take to grow your business. You will also be invited to participate in a webinar to help your business better compete online.

A third-party vendor, Strategic Networks Group (SNG), has been commissioned to conduct this survey and your information will not be used to sell you anything. SNG will report results only in aggregate to the state. All of your answers will remain confidential and no personal/business information is shared with any other entity.

The survey is designed to help the State address current and future technology needs—and to ensure that Kansas businesses are able to compete, whether in rural or non-rural communities.

Even if your business does not currently have Internet access, you can complete this survey from anyplace that does, such as a public library. Your experiences and opinions are important to us, especially where adequate Internet access impedes business growth.

The findings of our study will help us develop strategies to help Kansas businesses to be more competitive and provide access to individual tools for your business’ further growth.

The survey can be accessed at:

If you have any questions about the survey, send an email to .

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Stanley Adams
Program Director
Kansas Department of Commerce
Statewide Broadband Initiative