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Fighters & Seconds

Thank you for your interest in fighting and working in the state of Kansas and with the Kansas Athletic Commission. All fighters and seconds must be licensed by the state of Kansas in order to compete or work in the state. The links on the left hand side of the page will provide you with a list of currently licensed fighters and seconds, and all the medical requirements you will need in order to be able to compete.

If you have any questions regarding the licensing and medical requirements to compete in the state of Kansas, please do not hesitate to contact the Kansas Athletic Commission.


In order to fight or to serve as a corner in the state of Kansas must be licensed by the Kansas Athletic Commission. Licenses can be obtained by applying to the Kansas Athletic Commission online or by applying at an event at which you are competing.

When applying three days or fewer before a fight, a $10 fee will be added.

Kansas Athletic Commission Licenses expire on June 30 of the following year when applied for after July 1 of a given year. Licenses applied for after January 1 of a year will run through June 30 of the next year.

Application for Licensing

Licensed Fighters and Seconds in Kansas

To access the current lists of licensed fighters and seconds in Kansas, please click on the appropriate link below.

Medical Requirements

All fighters applying for a license in the state of Kansas must meet certain medical requirements laid out by the Kansas Athletic Commission. All fighters must have a comprehensive physical performed by an M.D. or D.O. and completed on the official Kansas Athletic Commission form.

Physicals are good for one year from the date they are completed independently or in conjunction with an event the fighter is competing on. The Kansas Athletic Commission requires all fighters over the age of 35 to complete two comprehensive physicals, and may require additional testing. All fighters must also submit a negative HIV, surface antigen B and Hepatitis C anti-virus test in order to be licensed.

Amateur fighters must have blood work that has been taken in the past year, and professional fighters must have testing done within six months of competing. All medical requirements must be submitted to the Kansas Athletic Commission prior to competition.

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