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The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (CAIC) has awarded grants to the following organizations across the state in three categories. The grants were awarded through the Strategic Investment and Arts Integration programs, as well as the Creative Economy Project Support program. KCAIC programs are designed to promote partnerships, enhance community and economic development, encourage risk and innovation, maximize statewide impact and highlight the role the arts play in all areas of community life. Grantees are selected by the KCAICthrough an application and review process.

  • The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) recognizes the important role individual artists and creative organizations play in building and sustaining cultural and economic vibrancy in Kansas. By funding a variety of professional and organizational development opportunities that impact cultural programming, these grants support initiatives that use the arts to enhance community vitality, revitalize neighborhoods, generate local business, create and preserve job opportunities and impact tourism
  • The Arts Integration Program (AIP) grants support the role the arts play in all levels of education, community service and workforce development. This program provides funding for educational institutions, arts organizations and community service non-profits to use the arts to increase student success, foster creative thinking, develop critical job skills and enhance community development.

Strategic Investment Program

Arts Connect, Topeka, $5,000

  • ArtsConnect will expand the Topeka Mural Project to include the creation of a mural on a wall adjacent to the Brown V Board National Historic Site. This is the largest and most significant of all the projects undertaken by the Topeka Mural Project and will be a regionally and nationally significant piece of public art that will enhance the daily life of the residents in the underserved neighborhood where the mural is located and contribute to the narrative of the Brown V Board National Historic Site for thousands of visitors each year.

Arts Council of Johnson County, Lenexa, $3,400

  • The Arts Council of Johnson County will expand its internship program to include a summer intern, two fall interns, and a spring intern. The goal of the program is to provide year-round hands on learning experiences for participating upper college students, assist students in building their professional networks by connecting them with area arts professionals, program partners, and community leaders through projects, one on one meetings and networking, and helping students achieve a self-determined learning objective i.e. develop a marketing campaign or manage a public program.

Arts Partners, Wichita, $2,775

Baker Arts Center, Liberal, $1,631

  • The Baker Center Arts Center will acquire a kiln and related accessories to increase the center’s ability to offer classes in 3D arts for both children and adults and train new artists in the Liberal area community.

Ballet Wichita, Wichita, $10,000

  • $5,000 Ballet Wichita will purchase sound system upgrades increase the performance quality experience for audience members during the annual Ballet in the Park concerts and in the studio where the company rehearses.
  • $5,000 Ballet Wichita will make functional upgrades to its website that will also better align with a new branding and marketing strategy that includes a new focus on an education model based on the Dance Theatre of Harlem. The project will include the addition of online forms for students as well as secure sections of the site for student communication. The project also includes dedicated outreach to low-income populations.

Busker Festivals, Lawrence, $3,231

  • Busker Festivals, an annual outdoor event, will purchase banner frames and street lamp banners that can be reused from year to year. The equipment will help provide event information to patrons throughout downtown and delineate temporary stage locations. The project will also enhance the overall level of production and professionalism of the event.

Chamber Music at the Barn, Maize, $10,000

  • $5,000 Chamber Music at the Barn will produce a new work featuring the New Harrington String Quartet and develop a new program, “Afternoon Delight” that offers matinees for seniors in both independent and assisted living facilities.
  • $5,000 Chamber Music at the Barn will host guest musician Jherek Bischoff in residence for a five day period in conjunction with the “Vibrant-ICT” initiative,. Bischoff will workshop, rehearse, and perform with up to 14 Kansas musicians; we will invite dialog and interaction through open rehearsals in downtown spaces and present at least 2 concerts with new or improvised compositions by Bischoff with the local musicians performing for all ages.

The Culture House, Olathe, $5,000

Great Plains Theatre, Abilene, $5,000

  • Great Plains Theatre will purchase camera and related equipment to start a film department that will allow students of all ages to learn the art of film making through the production of original projects.

Historic Jayhawk Theatre, Topeka, $6,751

  • $5,000 The Historic Jayhawk Theatre will purchase video projection and sound system equipment for use in the in the auditorium and gallery, as well as a screen for rear-screen projection in the auditorium. The project will allow the theatre to provide live performances, films and educational events in the twin venues at the Jayhawk Theatre during its renovation.
  • $1,751 The Historic Jayhawk Theatre will send its executive director and board chair to attend the 2017 Arts Midwest Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The conference will provide professional development sessions on all issues facing the theatre including ticketing systems, seat company selection, booking acts, concession organization, recruiting and managing volunteers, best practices, future trends etc.

InterUrban ArtHouse, Overland Park, $5,000

  • InterUrban ArtHouse will purchase equipment to bring the studio equipment (including 2 kilns, 2 pottery wheels, 1 clay extruder, and 1 slab roller) of world celebrated ceramic artist and Kansan, Erik Abraham, to the ArtHouse Ceramic Cooperative, a program providing studio space, equipment, and community for ceramic artists. These artists also participate in community-based programming that serves the NE Kansas Area.

Junction City Arts Council, Junction City, $5,000

  • The Junction City Arts Council will expand The Hands and Hearts for Art program, which provides art classes for K-5 students in the area (including Fort Riley) throughout the year and during the summer, to increase the frequency of offerings and number of students affected. The project will also allow for additional classes in underserved sections of the city.

Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, $5,000

  • The Lawrence Arts Center will engage strategic planning consultant Mary Kennedy Associates to assist in the development of a 10-year vision and 3-year strategic plan that will enable the Arts Center to clarify its vision and direction as it undergoes a change in leadership.

Lawrence Public Library Foundation, Lawrence, $5,000

  • Lawrence Public Library Foundation requests a Strategic Investment Programs New and Expanded Work Grant in the amount of $5,000 to support the production of Lawrence Songbook Volume 1. The project will assemble and feature songs written by local songwriters into a songbook designed to showcase the vibrant local music culture of Lawrence. The Songbook will also bring together diverse partners in live performances and online platforms and serve as a legacy project, immortalizing local songs by documenting them and distributing them through the library, schools and other community organizations in Lawrence. The project will culminate in a public launch performance featuring the publication's songs interpreted and performed by individuals and groups other than the song creators.

Lucas Area Community Theatre, Lucas, $3,000

  • Lucas Area Community Theatre will complete phase two of the World's Largest Lucas Souvenir Plate Update and Repair Project through the creation of a limestone easel for the souvenir plate and provide an informational kiosk about the mural on the souvenir plate for the public.

Lucas Arts & Humanities Council, Lucas, $5,000

  • Lucas Arts & Humanities Council will complete phase two of the Lucas Main Street Initiative that will create thematic art sculptures on the 16 wooden street signage / light posts that line the two blocks of Main Street.

Manhattan Arts Center, Manhattan, $4,500

  • Manhattan Arts Center will purchase iPads to expand film making classes and enhance art classes. The project will expand class offerings in film making to take advantage of capabilities via this equipment. Art classes will use the equipment to explore and study art, as well as to create new art using digital media as the canvas.

McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation, McPherson, $5,000

  • The McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation will purchase three new computers and one network drive to allow staff greater efficiency for exhibits, data, and constituent interaction, as well as maintaining best practices in financial reporting.

Music Theatre Wichita, Wichita, $4,063

  • Music Theatre Wichita will digitize more than twenty-five years of archival video footage. This project will create a more permanent and organized historical archive library and will help publicize successes and explain the quality and consistency of summer productions.

Olathe Civic Theatre Association, Olathe, $1,519

  • Olathe Civic Theatre Association will add a retractable screen and projector to the historic civic theatre, improving audience’s visual experience and enabling an increase in the number of performances with video projections.

Opera Kansas, Wichita, $2,200

  • Opera Kansas will purchase equipment to record and disseminate images in hi-definition still and video formats of performances and rehearsals. This capability will enhance promotion of program offerings, expand advertising through social media, and reach new constituencies within the community.

Orpheum Performing Arts Center, Wichita, $6,323

  • $1,697 Orpheum Performing Arts Center will purchase a digital messaging sign for the theatre lobby to enhance promotion of upcoming shows and performances as well as sponsors.
  • $2,265 Orpheum Performing Arts Center will send their president and marketing manager to the League of Historic American Theatres annual conference for professional development training specific to historic theatre activity including fundraising, operations, renovation, technical equipment, ticketing, and more.
  • $2,361 Orpheum Performing Arts Center will purchase two (2) complete new desktop systems, and one (1) laptop to be used by the theatre's house manager. The project will increase efficiencies for the house manager, marketing manager, and marketing/development assistant positions.

OZ Museum/Columbian Theatre, Wamego, $5,000

  • The Columbian Theatre will expand their popular Summer Theatre Academy to include a Winter Theatre Academy as a new after-school program.

Post Rock Opportunities Foundation, Wilson, $5,000

  • Post Rock Opportunities Foundation will host A Celebration of George Eschbaugh and Post Rock Opportunities Foundation Artists. The event will take place in the former studio of George Eschbaugh and feature his original paintings, works of other local artists, a Czech egg painting class, and live music.

Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, $2,847

  • The Spencer Museum of Art will purchase a portable audio looping system, which will significantly enhance how visitors with hearing loss experience performances, films, and presentations at the Museum.

Sustainability Action Network, Lawrence, $5,000

  • The Sustainability Action Network will conduct the Wak'ó Mujeres Phụ nữ Women Mural project which will collect stories of the community and translate them into a public mural by women of color artists. The mural will be painted on the exterior walls of the parking garage located next to the Lawrence Public Library. The written, audio and video stories collected for the mural will also be presented on the project's website.

Tallgrass Film Association, Wichita, $5,000

  • Tallgrass Film Association will hire a consultant with both nonprofit and film festival experience to help them re-organize for the future as they search nationwide for a new executive director. The consultant will assist the board in reviewing and establishing processes and job descriptions.

Theatre Atchison, Atchison, $3,776

  • Theatre Atchison will purchase equipment necessary for digitizing its box office and point of sales capabilities. The project will provide streamlined box office sales both on and off-line, customer data collection for future marketing, streamlined social media outlets for one point management, paperless box office that will save the company money and the environment unnecessary ticketing wastes, and an easy to use platform for creating and hosting our website.

Theatre for Young America, Mission, $5,000

  • Theatre for Young America will expand their 'The Toughest Kid in the World' program include a larger group of students in the Kansas City, KS school districts and give touring performances of in area schools.

Topeka Civic Theatre, Topeka, $5,000

  • Topeka Civic Theatre will hire MB Piland Advertising and Marketing to develop a Marketing Study Plan with measurable goals and performance standards, address approaches to enhance marketing, grow community partnerships and collaborative opportunities, as well as volunteer and staff professional development.

Topeka Community Foundation - Holton Community Theatre, Holton, $5,000

  • Topeka Community Foundation will expand and enhance the programming and reach of the newly formed Holton Community Theatre through increased productions and marketing, particularly to underserved communities including senior centers and Hispanic populations.

Valeo Behavioral Health Care, Topeka, $4,912

  • Valeo Behavioral Health Care will develop and establish ongoing gallery practices at the new Creations of Hope Gallery that focus on educating the public on mental health as well as increasing the number of artists participating in the gallery mission. The project will also expand education efforts by exhibiting artwork and first person narratives by artists who have experienced mental illness, presenting historical information about artists who have experienced mental illness or mental health concerns (e.g. Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton), and organizing presentations by professionals in the fields of art therapy, music therapy, or mental health.

Vernon Filley Art Museum, Pratt, $3,135

  • Vernon Filley Art Museum will produce marketing materials for its first invitational art exhibit featuring 35 artists from across the country. The caliber of the event will increase audience and financial security for the museum.

Wichita Children’s Theatre, Wichita, $10,000

  • $5,000 Wichita Children’s Theatre will work with local author, Andrea Cassell, to adapt her children's book, Kibby The Space Dog, into a children's musical to be performed in their Once Upon A Time series. Composers from NYC, one of which is a former student, will be hired to write the music and lyrics.
  • $5,000 Wichita Children’s Theatre will purchase equipment to upgrade outdated copiers and printers.

Wichita Festivals, Wichita, $5,000

  • Wichita Festivals will produce a performance of John Luther Adams' 40 minute composition entitled Inuksuit with a full ensemble of 99 percussionists from across the state of Kansas in conjunction with Autumn and Art, a fine arts show that takes place outdoors adjacent to a small pond for a complete immersive experience.

Wichita Grand Opera, Wichita, $5,000

  • Wichita Grand Opera will undertake needed technological upgrades to improve processes for ticket sales, patron relations, marketing, and fundraising that include a redesigned website, new ticketing system, and mobile payment devices.

Wichita Symphony Society, Wichita, $5,000

  • Wichita Symphony Orchestra will expanded their existing YPC program to present “The Legend of the Northern Lights,” in a collaborative production with KV265, a non-profit organization whose mission is the communication of science through art with communities worldwide, with music by award-winning composer Christopher Theofanidis. Educational outreach at these events will be facilitated by Dr. Jose Francisco Salgado and co-founder of KV265. The concert provides students, teachers and family members with a multimedia film, which instructs students and audiences about the science and art behind the music.

William Inge Festival Foundation, Independence, $2,806

  • William Inge Festival Foundation staff will attend the Theatre Communications Group annual conference to attain professional development in fund raising, marketing, and educational outreach, as well as foster connections within the national theater industry.

World’s Largest Things Incorporated, Lucas, $4,150

  • World’s Largest Things Incorporated will purchase theme-appropriate exhibit lighting for a new Museum Space - 660 feet of commercial grade outdoor suspended bulb LED lights, re-creating a circus-like atmosphere illuminating the new exhibit space, while reducing energy consumption.

Arts Integration Program

Baker Arts Center, Liberal, $5,000

  • Baker Arts Center will bring "Sea Lion Splash", a program involving live sea lions, to Liberal in conjunction with a "Creatures of Land and Sea” art competition that will include schools in a 150 miles radius. The project will educate the public about wildlife.

Brown Grand Opera House, Concordia, $5,000

  • Brown Grand Opera House will bring touring artists Trout Fishing in America to perform an educational program for students and a public family concert.

Chamber Music at the Barn, Maize, $13,600
Partners: Presbyterian Manor of Wichita, Larksfield Place, Oxford Grand Senior Living

  • Chamber Music at the Barn will partner with eight residential senior living facilities to produce up to three concerts at each facility for their residents. To fully realize this partnership, the musicians and project director will work closely with each senior living center's activity director to identify and meet mutual goals.

Cheyenne Center for Creativity, St. Francis, $5,000

  • Cheyenne Center for Creativity , working in conjunction with the St. Francis Recreation Commission, will engage three visiting artists to hold a Film Camp for area youth. The primary target audience for the camp will be high school students ages 12 to 17 with a complementary Red Carpet Screening event open to the public.

City of Maize, Maize, $5,000

  • City of Maize will return Kansas native Glenn Alexander to his hometown for a concert with six band members that form Shadowland and a day of master classes and workshops to students in cooperation with Maize USD 266.

The Culture House, Olathe, $5,000

  • The Culture House will launch an inter-generational choir with a focus on serving the needs of the senior community. The project will bring grandparents of Culture House students and residents of a senior living facility together to form a choir with one of their established youth choirs. The project will also involve a volunteer program for both homeschool students and senior residents.

Great Plains Theatre, Abilene, $5,000

  • Great Plains Theatre will expand its Live-Literature series so that it tours to underserved communities and include history as well as literature. A writing component will be included that will encourage kids to adapt a piece of Kansas history for the stage.

Griots Storytelling Institute, Wichita, $3,000

  • Griots Storytelling Institute will expand its Cultural Arts Summer Enrichment Camp to include ipad access and provide transportation to increase underserved enrollment.

Hays Arts Council, Hays, $4,575

  • Hays Arts Council will bring in three Kansas Touring Roster artists (Thad Beach, Laughing Matters, and Wichita Children’s Theatre) to provide public performances for the community and educational programs for area schools.

Hesston College, Hesston, $5,000

  • Hesston College will bring Mirari Brass will present a concert, visits to three underserved local elementary schools, and a masterclass for students of Bethel College, Hesston College and local high schools.

InterUrban ArtHouse, Overland Park, $15,000
Partners: Downtown Overland Park Partnership, KC Black Artists Network, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, MidWest Jewish Artists Laboratory, Johnson County Developmental Supports, Deaf Cultural Center, Shawnee Mission School District, Johnson County Public Libraries, Kansas City Art Institute, TEDX Overland Park

  • InterUrban ArtHouse and partners will expand the “ArtsConnect - Community Development through Creative Placemaking” program that focuses on inclusive community development through regional partnerships, exhibitions and performances. The project will increase the frequency, scope, and visibility of programming in a new permanent location.

Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, Overland Park, $9,540
Partners: InterUrban ArtHouse, Kansas City Indian Center, Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity, American Jazz Museum, Mattie Rhodes Center, Liberty Arts Commission, ArtsKC, Jewish Voices United, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

  • Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and partners will create a unique installation celebrating the cultural contributions to Kansas City made by Native American, Jewish, African American, Latino and Asian communities fashioned after The Wall of Respect created in Chicago in 1967. The project will also digitally document personal stories told by members of the five featured communities and create guides targeted to preschool, elementary, teen and adult audiences. The installation will remain at a fixed location for eight weeks before touring the metro are for an indefinite period of time.

Johnson County Library Foundation, Shawnee Mission, $15,000
Partners: Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center, Olathe School District

  • Johnson County Library Foundation and partners will expand the Read to Succeed and Courtroom Assisted Reading Encouragement programs. These programs connect Detention Center residents with literature and with positive adult role models, and give them the opportunity to discuss issues facing them in their life outside the facility through poetry writing workshops, stop-motion animation workshops, book clubs and author visits.

Johnson County Developmental Services, Lenexa, $11,149
Partners: Johnson County Park and Recreation, Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center, University of Kansas

  • Johnson County Developmental Services will develop an arts-focused social enterprise concept to benefit disabled individuals with significant barriers to community based employment that would ultimately generate a profit and create opportunities for more connections with the local community. Under guidance of JCDS staff, individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities will be employed on a part-time basis to design and construct artistic benches that will be placed throughout the Johnson County Parks system.

Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts, Kansas City, $5,000

  • Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts will expand its six-week Summer Theatre Workshops to integrate theatrical skills with reading, writing, and arithmetic outcomes that align with Kansas College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Reading, Math, Speaking and Listening.

Kansas Art Therapy Association, Emporia, $2,425

  • Kansas Art Therapy Association will host Dancer, visual artist and art therapist Christine Lummis to provide an experiential workshop entitled “Addressing Trauma and Abuse through Art” that will combine spontaneous creative expression and directed activities. The project will also provide a lecture-format presentation which documents case study material and art images corresponding to various therapeutic issues as well as an overview of how art therapy can be used to address clinical issues. Finally, an interactive "Art as Healing" piece will be installed in a gallery space and will allow participants the opportunity to meet the artist and interact in a social and creative atmosphere.

Kansas Ballet Company, Topeka, $5,000

  • Kansas Ballet Company will host visiting guest artists from the world of professional ballet to participate in Kansas Ballet Company’s fifth annual Summer Showcase at Topeka Performing Arts Center and a special one act presentation just for children: "Aurora's Wedding". The artists will also lead master classes and coaching sessions for local students. Additionally, in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Topeka, Kansas Ballet will offer free summer ballet classes for local children who would otherwise not have access to the art form. Students participating in these classes will enjoy a lecture/demonstration with the visiting guest artists.

Kinsley Public Library, Kinsley, $3,557

  • Kinsley Public Library will host Kansas Touring Roster artist Thad Beach for a performance of collection of songs written during his past songwriting residencies by students in elementary, middle and high schools around the country. The artist will also conduct an artist-in-residency workshop to facilitate youth in writing original songs to be performed by the Kinsley Library summer reading participants in an original musical “Hands Up! It's a Robbery” which tells the story of Fleagle Gang’s robbery of the National Bank of Kinsley on June 27, 1927.

Lawrence Busker Festival, Lawrence, $5,000

  • Lawrence Busker Festival will host three visiting performance artists for public performances and professional development workshops during the annual festival.

Lied Center of Kansas, Lawrence, $15,000
Partners: The Life Span Institute, Kansas Center for Autism and Research Training, Autism Society of the Heartland, USD 497

  • $10,000 Lied Center of Kansas will develop a new program that we can provide the arts to people with disabilities, and also educate the public about these disabilities and open up community dialogue. The project will involve a new performance by Chicago Children’s Theatre as part of their Red Kite series for children on the spectrum. Parent and children are given resources and pre-performance activities to help familiarize them with the surroundings and performers. Pre-performance activities gradually transition into the performance in which the children are welcome to participate in whatever way is comfortable to them. The project will also provide a seminar for educators, artists, and caregivers with the Chicago Children’s Theatre artistic director and a series of dance workshops for dance students and people with varying abilities with Luca "Lazy Legz" Patuelli, a speaker, dancer and founding member of ILL-Abilities, an International Breakdance Crew comprised of five dancers who have claimed their disabilities as part of who they are and how they dance.
  • $5,000 Lied Center of Kansas will host four visiting artist groups as part of their School Performance Series. Visiting artists will provide performances for both the public and students in USD 497 followed by Q&A sessions and a showing of a documentary.

Little House on the Prairie Museum, Independence, $4,000

  • Little House on the Prairie Museum will host US National Champion master carver Steven Higgens to create two sculptures, one unit, from two 5-foot Elm trees acquired from the Little House on the Prairie Museum lands over a 12-hour period. The statues will be permanently located at the Little House on the Prairie Museum grounds. The artist will speak to art students at Independence Community College and Independence High School then create the statutes in a master-arts-class for students and the general public through his visual art performance that will include live blue-grass music.

Marshall County Arts Cooperative, Marysville, $5,000

  • Marshall County Arts Cooperative will host Presidio Brass for a four-day residency in Marshall County that will include a two-act concert, "Road Trip," featuring the Marshall County Honor Band and outstanding band students from Axtell High School, Frankfort High School, Marysville High School, and Valley Heights High School. Presidio Brass will spend a half-day in each high school working with the school band. These workshops will focus on posture, breathing, techniques for practicing, sound production, and musical expression.

Opera Kansas, Wichita, $8,000
Partners: Wichita Public Library, Ballet Wichita

  • Opera Kansas and partners will produce the modern opera, Fantastic Mr. Fox, to be staged in the auditorium of the new Central Branch library for its grand opening. Opera Kansas will provide other performance opportunities throughout the opening day including story telling through music in both the children’s library area as well as reaching out to older audiences through short aria recitals in the outdoor reading terrace to demonstrate the many different opportunities the library space can provide. The project will make opera relevant to the lives of modern Kansans by producing shows that involve modern literature or contemporary settings in English and establish the library as a central hub of experiences and learning across all socio-economic lines, ages and educational levels.

The Seed House - La Casa de la Semilla, Wichita, $5,000

  • The Seed House, in partnership with Harvester Arts, will host five visiting artists, all contributors to Sharon Louden’s book The Artist as Cultural Producer: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, for Living and Sustaining a Creative Life in Kansas panel discussion and community conversation. In addition to the primary panel discussion event, the following day the project will host three complementary workshops to tap into the visiting artists’ expertise to reflect and organize for the Wichita community.

Storytime Village, Wichita, $14,750
Partners: SocialPreneur Lab, KPTS, Mennonite Press, Urban Prep Academy, African American Male Empowerment Institute, Gordon Parks Academy

  • Storytime Village and partners will develop Book Boss: A Youth Literary Arts and Entrepreneurship Incubator to help youth, mainly from low-income and underserved neighborhoods within Wichita, write and sell their own original 12-page children's book by providing a unique opportunity to practice and improve their writing and literacy skills while learning the business of bookselling and self-publishing. The project will offer a series of 12 workshops that will guide youth through all phases of book development: writing, illustration, publishing, marketing, and selling. In each workshop, youth will learn how to create a literary work. Youth will receive one-on-one mentorship from volunteer writers and illustrators from local universities. Additionally, students will receive the opportunity to take field trips to Mennonite Press, Inc. in Newton, Kansas and local independent bookstores.

Topeka Art Guild and Gallery, Topeka, $5,000

  • Topeka Art Guild and Gallery will host four artists for a one to two-day workshop per quarter allowing local artists to learn new styles. Each event would coincide with a first Friday weekend in Topeka with the visiting artist's work featured at the Topeka Art Guild's Gallery and NOTO visitor center.

USD 259 - Caldwell Elementary, Wichita, $4,500

  • Caldwell Elementary will conduct the Learners to Leaders project which will develop curriculum and provide a 10 week innovative educational program for K-5th grade students focused on arts integration, social emotional learning, job training and academic improvement that aligns with National and State standards in Social, Emotional and Character Development and Visual Arts. It will also provide professional development for teachers and school administrators for developing lesson plans to integrate the arts and social emotional learning into non-arts curriculum. The project will be planned, organized, and implemented by teachers, teaching artists, the school counselor, an art therapist, administrators, students, parents, and community members. The project will produce a 3,000 sq. foot mural for the exterior façade of the school building that embodies the school motto, “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow.”

USD 430 – Horton High School, Horton, $850

  • Horton High School will engage visiting artist April Lemon to conduct a 6 to 7 hour small group glass blowing workshop, designed to give beginner students an overview of basic glassblowing techniques. The workshop will cover glass blowing, glass sculpture, glass fusion and glass' enabling materials that impact other fields. The project explain the chemical/scientific profess of glass blowing and glass fusion and explore artistic and contemporary production/industrial applications of glass and its enabling materials that impact other fields (electrical, casting, insulation in electronics, communications, sensing, medicine, nuclear waste storage, etc.)

Van Go, Lawrence, $15,000
Partners: Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Douglas County Health Department, Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, Lawrence Public Schools, University of Kansas

  • Van Go and partners will expand Go Healthy, Van Go’s year-round food, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle program that is integrated into arts-based job training programs. The project will include one-on-one plans that personalize health strategies and tackle the underlying causes of poor health. Integral to this approach will be creative expression and art making.

Western Plains Arts Association, Colby, $3,775

  • $2,725 Western Plains Arts Association will host Kansas Tour Roster artists Wichita Children's Theatre for a performance of "The Mark Twain Show: Stories of His Writings", a fast-paced comedy featuring an artful array of some of Twain's most humorous writings, wittiest quotes and most gripping drama. The artists will also present "The Three Little Pigs" in 5 northwest Kansas schools (Quinter, Hoxie, Colby, Rawlins County Schools and Tri-Plains Winona) and "Cavity Crisis in Cowtown" in the Oakley Schools.
  • $1,050 Western Plains Arts Association will host Kansas Tour Roster artist Jeff Davidson for a public performance and presentation on the history of the West through song, power point pictures, story and verse with a special emphasis on the Chisholm Trail. The artist will also do a shorter version of the presentation for students in Wallace County Schools and the Tri-Plains Winona School.

William Allen White Foundation, Emporia, $15,000
Partners: ESU Department of English, Modern Languages, and Journalism, Red Rocks, Center for Great Plains Studies at Emporia State University, Kansas Historical Society, KU Endowment for Journalism

  • William Allen White Foundation and partners will produce a 50-minute PBS quality digital film about Emporia’s most famous citizen, William Allen White and his legacy as a champion and activist of free speech, freedom of the press, racial tolerance, and civil and constructive discourse. The project will also create an 8-10 minute short video for use in middle, secondary, and college classrooms, and will be distributed free of charge to every school district in Kansas.

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