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License Plate Program

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The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (CAIC) is offering the Kansas Arts License Plates to help raise funds to invest in the creative arts industries in Kansas. You can now get your plate when you register or renew your vehicle in person at your local county treasurer's office.

The entire annual fee of $50 per license plate will go directly towards funding arts programs in Kansas. In addition, arts license plate fees are eligible for matching funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

I previously put my name on a list to reserve a plate. What do I do now?
Starting the week of Oct. 27, 2014, you can visit your local DMV office and request the Kansas Arts License Plate. The fee will be $50 annually, in addition to your annual tag renewal, taxes and county fees.

What if I have already paid for my renewal fee and taxes for this year?
You can still purchase an arts plate. Simply take your old plate to your local DMV and request the Kansas Arts License Plate.

Can I personalize my plate?
Personalized plates are not available at this time. Tag numbers are issued randomly and requests for specific numbers cannot be honored.

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