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The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (CAIC) is focused on the creative industries sector of the Kansas economy. The Commission is dedicated to measuring, promoting, supporting and expanding the creative industries to grow the state's economy and create creative industry-related jobs.

The CAIC offers two new programs designed to strengthen an important sector of the Kansas economy and create jobs:

  • Strategic Investment Program
  • Arts Integration Program


The Strategic Investment Program recognizes the important role individual artists and creative organizations play in building and sustaining cultural and economic vibrancy in Kansas. By funding a variety of professional and organizational development opportunities that impact cultural programming, these grants support initiatives that use the arts to enhance community vitality, revitalize neighborhoods, generate local business, create and preserve job opportunities and impact tourism.

Applicants must make a compelling case as to why this particular self-identified activity or opportunity was selected, how it will have a substantial impact on their work and community, and how it will enhance the national reputation of Kansas.

Strategic Investment Program funds can be used for:

  • Organizational Development: Grants for professional development opportunities for organizations that help strengthen business practices and sustainability:
    • Hiring consultants to build administrative and business skills.
    • Develop or upgrade marketing and promotional materials such as brochures, DVDs, CDs, print ads and websites that fulfill strategies to expand audiences, outreach to underserved populations, and promote regional identity.
  • New & Expanded Works: This includes support for new arts and culture productions, exhibitions, programs or events by individual artists or nonprofit organizations, which take place in Kansas. The purpose of this grant program is to create or preserve jobs by funding new or expanded programs that use arts and culture to enrich the quality of life for participants, promote economic development in Kansas, generate business development and promote neighborhood revitalization.
  • Capital Investment: Grants to improve and expand cultural assets:
    • Purchase equipment, materials, and/or technology upgrades to expand or improve an applicant’s organization.

Click here for more details on the Strategic Investment program.


The Arts Integration Program grants support the role the arts play in all levels of education, community service, and workforce development. This program provides funding for educational institutions, arts organizations, and community service non-profits to use the arts to increase student success, foster creative thinking, develop critical job skills, and enhance community development.

Arts Integration Program grants are awarded in two categories:

  • Visiting Artists: This program encourages the integration of Kansas artists into a variety of settings. Grants may be used to fund residencies and professional development collaborations that feature partnerships among artists, schools, arts organizations, and arts programs of non-arts organizations. Creative Collaborations integrate an arts discipline into non-arts curriculum and content areas; help interpret an exhibition, performance, or presentation; and support arts programming and community development goals and objectives. Projects must include a collaborative planning process that includes all partners, an exhibition or performance, and artist interaction with both students and community members. Non-Kansas artists will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Integrated Arts Education: This program supports innovative educational programming that integrates arts learning into non-arts curriculum and content areas to address emerging technologies, areas of skills shortages, STEM curricula, workforce readiness, and increase student performance.
  • Innovative Partnerships: This category supports innovative programming between arts organizations and non-arts organizations to impact a variety of community and/or economic development goals. Arts organizations are encouraged to partner with other community entities (hospitals, prisons, etc.) to develop arts-centered programs that address community needs such as public health, transportation, tourism, unemployment, aging, corrections, etc.

Click here for more details regarding the Arts Integration program.

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