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The Kansas Market Access Program (K-MAP) assists Kansas companies in accelerating exports. Companies can use funds on activities such as Foreign Sales Trip, Market Research & Consultation, Non STEP-funded Trade Missions, Foreign Product Certification, Translation and Interpretation Services, International Credit Reports, Letters of Credit Processing Fees, Database Subscriptions for Market Research (first year), Industry Association Memberships (first year), New Foreign Language Company Brochures, and Compliance Management.

The program will reimburse up to 50% of a company’s eligible direct expenses up to $5,000. A company can receive $5,000 in total financial assistance during a state fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). To receive the grant, a company must first apply, be approved, and sign and return the contract to the Kansas Department of Commerce no later than 30 days before activities commence. The K-MAP Grant is administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce and Kansas Global Trade Services, Inc.

To be eligible a company must have products or services which originate in Kansas or receive substantial value-added processing in Kansas, and have activities that are not covered by the Kansas STEP grant or KITSAP.

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