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Small Business Spotlight

If you know a Kansas business that could benefit from being featured, submit the information below.


    Please tell us your story.
  • Explain what it was, how it came about, and what it meant to your business
  • Explain what it was, what could have happened if it had gone wrong, and the end result of the risk
  • (e.g., your company has a mascot or office pet, a fun outing your company held, the unorthodox way your leadership team brainstorms, the unusual ways your team communicates, etc.)

    Visuals -- We require at least one image of you or your business for the article. Make it interesting! If you prefer to submit a video about your business instead of an image, that’s fine, too. If you can submit 2 or 3 images so we have a choice, all the better.
  • Drop files here or
    IMAGES: Please have images identified before filling out the form, so that you can quickly load them. On the online form, you can upload up to 3 images. Please keep your images under 2 MB each.
  • If your images are already loaded online somewhere, you can provide the URLs for the images:

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