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Tourism Division

Kansas Department of Commerce

Kelsey Wendling

Agritourism Manager

785-230-4299 [email protected]

Lisa Hecker

Byways and Signage Manager

785-230-5609 [email protected]

Hunter Feyerherm

Website and Database Manager

785-230-9952 [email protected]

Kelli Orender

Industry Relations Manager

785-213-7420 [email protected]

Jordan Roemerman

Marketing Manager

785-338-6066 [email protected]

Colby Sharples-Terry

PR & Communications Manager

785-230-4888 [email protected]

Bridgette Jobe


785-250-8253 [email protected]

Andrea Etzel

Publications Manager

785-213-0126 [email protected]

Jaimee Salalac

Administrative Specialist

(785) 296-8478 [email protected]

Mona Carver

Travel Information Centers Manager

(785) 899-6695 [email protected]

Carrie Doud

Fiscal and Grant Manager

(785) 296-2118 [email protected]