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COVID-19 PPE, Medical Supply Production

Kansas Division of Emergency Management (KDEM) is coordinating supply needs, purchasing and distribution of all PPE and medical supplies during the COVID-19 crisis. All government, non-profit and for-profit organizations providing patient care can request materials directly from KDEM. This includes police, fire, EMS, hospitals, health clinics, county health departments, etc.

Each organization needs to submit their needs to their County Emergency Manager, who will then submit a county needs list to KDEM. KDEM also requests each organization calculate how quickly they are using their supplies (burn rate), so KDEM can calculate future needs. Burn rates should be calculated using an itemized list.

Supply needs and donations can also be communicated to BioKansas, who is compiling a supply / equipment needs list.

Businesses Looking to Acquire Personal Protective Equipment

BioKansas and Kansas Manufacturing Solutions have consolidated a list of companies currently taking orders for critical supplies. To view companies with available PPE inventory for purchase, visit

Local Manufacturers Producing Medical Supplies and Equipment

If you have a manufacturer who is already producing medical supplies or equipment critical to the COVID-19 response and they have the capacity and desire to sell directly to the state of Kansas, please direct them to

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions and BioKansas are working together to create a database of manufactures, what they produce and capacity. Please have all manufacturers complete this survey, so we can inventory of our manufacturers.

There is currently no funding to assist companies scale up production capacity.

Local Manufacturers Willing to Convert to Production of Medical Supplies or Equipment

If you have manufacturers willing to use their expertise and convert production capability or add capability to produce needed medical supplies or equipment, please have them contact Tiffany Stovall with Kansas Manufacturing Solutions at

There is currently no funding to assist with new tooling, molds, production lines, etc.

We also ask manufactures to understand the specifications required for medical supplies and equipment. Good resources include:

ASTM Standards
FDA Guidance on COVID-19 Related Items

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