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Health and Wellness

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Kansas communities have been integrating healthier habits into their lifestyles, and it shows.

Currently ranked:

  • 6th in the nation for mental health
  • 16th in the nation for quality of life
  • 8th in the nation for community support

Residents don't have to go far to find the medical treatment they need. There are more than 6,000 doctors spread out between 51 General Hospitals, 18 Specialized Hospitals, and 83 Critical Access Hospitals.

Kansas currently has 26 licensed Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC’s) operating within the state, employing more than 4,000 people. More than 97% of citizens seeking mental health care are served by CMHC’s.

There are currently nearly 1,500 Dentists across Kansas.

Kansas, as a geographic location, is a state that encourages healthy, active living. It is wide-open space for hiking, canoeing, bicycling and the great outdoors waiting to be explored. Outdoor living is a highlight of life in Kansas, and this emphasis on nature is one of the many reasons why Kansas is as healthy as it is.

Visit for all the Parks and Nature locations in Kansas.

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