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Kansas: Central To Your Success

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Working in Kansas

Kansas offers both the fast pace of a large city and the more relaxed lifestyle of rural America. Whether you choose bow ties or boots, Kansas offers more.

More Time for What Matters

What would you do with an extra hour a week? Commute times in Kansas are about 12 minutes a day less than the national average. Don’t waste time needlessly sitting in traffic. Each year American commuters waste 42 hours, more than a typical work week, according to the Auto Insurance Center, an insurance information website.

Moreover, Kansas has consistently been ranked as having some of the best roads in the country, meaning you can count on a safe, worry-free drive whenever you get in your car.

More Opportunities to Succeed

Kansas companies recruit from some of the nation’s best universities and technical schools and benefit from pro-business legislation and low taxes. Most importantly, Kansas encourages businesses to grow, innovate and think big.

The Kansas economy has expanded from its original agribusiness base into an economy with a diverse mix of professions. The largest employment sectors are services, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing and government.


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Growing Kansas

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