KITE Proof of Concept

An innovation and commercialization incentive

The KITE Proof of Concept (POC) is designed to fill a need for support where typical funding mechanisms are not available, acting as a bridge between federal funding for basic research and commercial seed funding by angel or venture investors. POC funding will not be awarded when other sources of funding are timely available.  The POC program will aim to assist:

Applications for POC funding are accepted throughout the year. The POC review committee meets on a quarterly basis to review proposals and make recommendations for funding. Awards will be made for eligible applications until funds are expended. Applicants are required to submit applications through an approved partner at least two weeks prior to quarterly committee reviews.

Proof of Concept Program targets a funding gap that impedes the progression of technology from research to the marketplace.

The purpose is to enable promising technology to advance to a stage where it is capable of attracting licensees, seed investment, or generating revenues.

Applications are due September 30, 2022

Establishing promising new technology-based entrepreneurial ventures within the State & the commercialization of inventions resulting from research conducted at Kansas public universities.

-Proof of Concept Mission


Trent Armbrust, Chief Strategy Officer