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Kansas International Trade Marketing Assistance Program

Accelerate your exporting business


April Chiang, International Project Manager

(785) 213-7545

[email protected]

Learn more about Kansas International Trade Marketing Assistance Program

formerly known as K-Map

The Kansas Market Access Program is now the Kansas International Trade Marketing Assistance Program!

The Kansas International Trade Marketing Assistance Program (KITMAP) assists Kansas companies in accelerating their export business. The program will reimburse 50% of a company’s direct expenses up to $5,000 per eligible activity each fiscal year.

Eligibility Requirements
  • To be eligible, a business must have products and/or services that originate in Kansas, or that receive substantial value-added processing in the state.
  • When applying for foreign sales trips, at least one full-time company employee (or sales agent) must participate in the trip.
  • To receive reimbursement, a company must first apply, be approved and return the KITMAP contract to the Kansas Department of Commerce before activities commence.
  • Submitting a post-activity report, as well as providing a detailed expense summary, invoices and proof of payment for each expense, are mandatory to receive reimbursement.
Eligible Expenditures

Companies can use funds on the following qualifying activities:

  • Foreign sales trips
    • International airfare (50% of cost up to $1,000/person/business trip)
    • Overseas lodging (50% of cost up to $150/night/person)
    • Transportation of products (including airline luggage fees)
    • Interpreter fees for trip
  • Compliance management
  • Database subscriptions for market research (first year)
  • Foreign product certifications
  • Industry association memberships (first year)
  • International credit reports
  • Letter of credit processing fees
  • Market research and consultation
  • New foreign-language company brochures and sales materials
  • Non-STEP-funded trade missions (non-STEP-funded)
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Virtual marketing events
  • Other activities will be considered

View KITMAP Guidelines for a full list of eligible and ineligible activities.

Application Period

KITMAP applications are accepted year-round. 

Additional Resources

KITMAP Guidelines

Where to Start

Applications for KITMAP are accepted online, year-round.

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