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Judith White

Image of Judith White
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I studied fine art at Washburn University with an emphasis on painting. I created my first mural on Washburn’s campus in 2003. I worked at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public library 1999-2004. I taught elementary art through the Mulvane Museum 2002-2003 I currently own Looking Glass Tattoo & Gallery (est. 2004) in Topeka where I tattoo & sell artwork along with three other artists. I started the Inky Quills Coalition which is a small group of local artist that sometimes create projects or do art shows together. The members of this group ebb and flow as folks travel & move forward in life but it is currently Danny White (carpenter), Anna Smith, Lacey Gregory, & Klayton Edwards.

My team and I recently completed a mural I designed at 10th and Kansas for the Greater Topeka Partnership & we are currently working on a mural project at the Topeka Yoga Network.

I have learned that mural design is very similar to tattoo design in that it often tells a specific story with imagery that must be universal and easily read at a distance. I am a fan of bold colors and high contrast. I use a lot of patterns and textures in my designs and often juxtapose realism and organic elegance with ornamental or geometric designs. I love using gold leaf in my mural work to add a unique touch that can last outdoors for up to 30 years. I’m a nerd for research and love to learn about the subject matter in order to give the most respectful, interesting, and thoughtful approach to my subject matter.

Community Activity Information

Beyond viewing of the artwork I am happy to provide community discussions about process and symbolism in the artwork. I have several ideas as to how the community could get involved with the actual painting of the projects without creating the chaos that often goes along with community design. I previously worked as an elementary art educator through the Mulvane Museum so I have a lot of experience leading group projects & discussions.

Educational Activity Information

I can educate students on both the technical and design aspects of mural making. Discussions about catering to your clients wants vs satisfying the general community vs creating a good design are essential to young designers. I feel like often discussions are focused more on the technical and less on the design strategy. Of course technical information & historical significance is also something I can provide but I think I have a very unique approach to design through storytelling & symbolism that would be helpful to aspiring artists.

I have lectured on contemporary tattooing in cultural anthropology classes at Washburn University. I have lead talks on being an entrepreneur in the arts in Kansas for Topeka West High School. I created an event “Art & Image, Pinup vs. Virgin” for the Heartland Feminist Workshops in 2010. I have lead talks about tattooing & safety at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library.

Program Fees

I charge either a flat fee plus supplies (usually for smaller projects or small businesses with limited funds) or a rate per square footage that includes most supplies. If gold leaf or any sealants such as anti graffiti or UV protection are required those will be added to the cost. If the project is higher than 15 feet there will be an additional charge for scaffolding or elevating work platform unless it can be provided or we can find a community donation.

I charge anywhere from $10 to $20 a square foot (plus sealant, gold leaf, scaffolding, or elevating work platform if necessary) depending on the complexity of the design.

Other Restrictions

I am a business owner so I will need advanced notice if I need to travel, but I am happy to! For things in Topeka I usually work before and after hours, but with notice I can clear time to complete a project quicker. Our last project (200 square feet) took 5 weeks to complete. We could have finished in 1-2 weeks if we were working on the project without other obligations. That project also included power washing and sealing an older surface. I am married to a carpenter, Danny White, so we are able to make sure the project will be well crafted with materials that hold up to the elements & time. Occasionally we are asked to replace older surfaces or add framing which he is able to do and is added to supply costs.

Information on Past Projects

Golden City Serenade
“Golden City Serenade” 10th and Kansas Ave,, Topeka. (Meadowlark with olive branch) is my original design. We power washed and primed the older mural surface, then projected my design & painted it. We added gold leaf at the end & made sure to match some of the colors with the existing buildings awnings.

Bee & Flowers
Bee & Flowers is still a work in progress. This one is inside a yoga studio. We sneak in after hours to work on it. This one we are able to do without scaffolding. We used some of the paint used to paint accent walls so the colors married well.

Mediterranean Village
The project with the Mediterranean village is indoor at a restaurant and is another artist’s design. I don’t often do designs I didn’t create but wanted to add it for craftsmanship. This one was tricky as I had to work around an opening business.

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