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Virtual Job Fair Offers Hundreds of Employment Opportunities in Kansas Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland encourages jobseekers and employers searching for talent to take part in the final Virtual Statewide Job Fair of the year, hosted by KANSASWORKS, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 13. Governor Kelly Announces Nearly $15M Available to Connect Kansans to Digital Devices and Public Wi-Fi Governor Laura Kelly announced today that applications are open for the Advancing Digital Opportunities to Promote Technology (ADOPT) program. A total of $14.7 million in grant awards will be available to organizations addressing the challenges of broadband accessibility, affordability, and device availability. Governor Kelly Announces $28.5M for High-Speed Internet Infrastructure Governor Laura Kelly announced today that $28.5 million in grants were awarded to 12 entities through the Lasting Infrastructure and Network Connectivity (LINC) program. The LINC program provides strategic funding for crucial aspects of broadband connectivity to reduce the cost of internet service, increase availability, and improve performance. Governor Kelly Announces $5M to Expand Access to High-Speed Internet in Rural Kansas Communities Governor Laura Kelly today announced that $5 million has been awarded to eight internet service providers (ISPs) in the latest round of Broadband Acceleration Grants for 2023. The awards will be paired with an additional $6.6 million in matching funds, resulting in an investment of nearly $12 million for high-speed broadband access projects across 10 rural Kansas counties. View All


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April Pameticky

Literary Arts
Email:[email protected]


April Pameticky, mother of two, shares time between her high school English classroom and the creative community of artists and writers in Kansas. She launched the Wichita Broadside Project 2017, currently serves as editor of River City Poetry, an online poetry journal, and serves as poetry editor for Voices of Kansas, a regional anthology of work from school-aged children across the state. She’s had the honor of working with many creatives for unique cross-collaboration experiences, including Anatomy of a Sea Star-Reimagined, choreographed by students from Wichita State University Dance; and Epistrophy, pairing poets with musicians for a synergistic listening experience. Most recently, she has worked ekphrastically with photographer Amanda Dickinson Pfister using Ginsberg Sentences for a winter show at the Steckline Gallery at Newman University. Her own work can be seen in journals like Malpais Review, KONZA, and Chiron Review. She is also the author of several chapbooks and her debut full-length collection, Waterbound (2019), is available from Spartan Press.

Primary Program Description

Poetry Reading that blends both the evocative reading of work, and the exploration of collaboration–exploring how collaboration has created unique opportunities to grow as an artist and poet.

Program Fees
  • $100-$500 – dependent on length of performance and depth of content. Poet will need to have transportation costs covered, and possible lodging expenses covered if further than 60 miles from Wichita.
  • $100/hr – Performance Programming can be expanded to include both performance and workshop for emerging writers.
  • $25/student – per 30min 1-on-1 feedback consultation on work. This can be very rewarding, especially for emerging writers as they develop voice–but does require submission of work 10 days prior to the visit.
  • $100/hr – Conducting a whole-group workshop models where feedback is administered by fellow participants under the facilitation of April Pameticky can be done based on the programming needs of the requesting institution

April Pameticky is a full-time educator and must limit travel during the week–at least during the normal school term. Summers are more flexible.

Community Activity Information

Letting Poetry Inform Your Prose: How could the poetic lens inform your writing? Are there ways of training the ear and eye to better turn a narrative line? Sonya Chung, teacher and blogger, writes “Fiction is a Trudge, Poetry is a Dance” and that good literary fiction is “language-rich, language-precise, language-driven.” Is she right? We’ll explore some common poetry techniques that translate well into a variety of written forms, including memoir and long-form fiction.

Poet as Farmer – how journaling plants seeds of creativity: whether you ascribe to Natalie Goldberg’s Zen daily practice, or Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way, journaling can be an incredibly productive tool. But how do writers get started? Are prompts part of the process? What of word lists? When do you know that a seed might be ready for harvest? This workshop focuses specifically on fostering a daily practice to increase creativity in all aspects of life.

Educational Activity Information

Discovering Yourself as Poet: Explore forms and modern meter to discover your own voice. Find power in expression and imagery. Learn about common poetic practices that foster creativity.

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