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Julie Sutton

Traditional & Acoustic Music



As a visual artist, I primarily paint and draw. As a musician, I am a solo singer-songwriter. I have taught both music and art to all ages. I am currently developing art and music that complement each other. In 2017, I took part in a mentoring program that included both musicians and artists. The program culminated with a community mural and an exhibit of our paintings. I am affiliated with Prairie PastTimes Gallery in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, where my paintings are hung and CDs of my original music are sold.

Primary Program Description

As both an artist and a musician, I have a unique offering for communities, businesses, civic groups and galleries. My mural work, oil painting and sketching can either be commissioned by themselves, or paired with a concert of my original songs.

Program Fee
  • $500–$5000 for commissioned art projects, depending upon the scope
  • $500–$800 (plus travel expenses) for concerts.
  • Travel expenses as needed, depending upon distance.
Community Activity Information

Senior adult art workshops; art workshops for developmentally disabled adults; community performance of music paired with art exhibit.

Educational Activity Information
  1. Songwriting workshops for teen-to-adult age group, either half-day or full-day.
  2. Drawing workshops for elementary age group, either half-day or full-day.
  3. Mural painting group projects for junior high/high school age students.

Support Materials