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Governor Kelly Announces Nearly $15M Available to Connect Kansans to Digital Devices and Public Wi-Fi Governor Laura Kelly announced today that applications are open for the Advancing Digital Opportunities to Promote Technology (ADOPT) program. A total of $14.7 million in grant awards will be available to organizations addressing the challenges of broadband accessibility, affordability, and device availability. Governor Kelly Announces $28.5M for High-Speed Internet Infrastructure Governor Laura Kelly announced today that $28.5 million in grants were awarded to 12 entities through the Lasting Infrastructure and Network Connectivity (LINC) program. The LINC program provides strategic funding for crucial aspects of broadband connectivity to reduce the cost of internet service, increase availability, and improve performance. Governor Kelly Announces $5M to Expand Access to High-Speed Internet in Rural Kansas Communities Governor Laura Kelly today announced that $5 million has been awarded to eight internet service providers (ISPs) in the latest round of Broadband Acceleration Grants for 2023. The awards will be paired with an additional $6.6 million in matching funds, resulting in an investment of nearly $12 million for high-speed broadband access projects across 10 rural Kansas counties. Commerce Program Opens Employment Pathway for Justice-Involved Kansans KANSASWORKS, a division of the Kansas Department of Commerce, is taking significant strides to empower justice-involved individuals across the state through the Re-entry Specialized Employment Counseling & Training (ReSpECT)WORKS program. This program provides intensive case management and career navigation for eligible individuals released from the prison system in Kansas. View All


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Maura Garcia


Email:[email protected]


Dancer/choreographer Maura Garcia collaborates within communities to create stories of identity and place. She is fascinated by stories that have been hidden and the unexpected connections that arise when they are rediscovered. Originally from North Carolina, Maura is an Indigenous woman (non-enrolled Cherokee/ Mattamuskeet) who brings her own mixed-blood southern story to all of her work. She collaborates to create multi-media, interactive shows and engage via arts projects and experiential workshops involving everyone in the creative process. Maura uses her art to form connections, to uplift Indigenous cultural values and to explore the rhythms of the natural world.

Primary Program Description

Maura Garcia works to inspire and empower people through dance via:

  • Contemporary Indigenous Dance – celebrating southeastern Indigenous culture via multi-media solo performances and place-specific group dances incorporating local performers. Current Touring Work:
    • Aniwisgo’i
    • They Are Still Talking
    • Center Place
    • EveryBODY’s Dance
  • Community Arts Projects – long-term collaborative projects exploring hidden stories through dance and other art forms
  • Workshops – teaching ways to respond to experiences via movement; choreography masterclasses and residencies
  • Wellness – movement-based support groups and empowerment programs for survivors of domestic violence and sexual trauma


Press Kit:

Program Fee
    • Full Evening of Work SOLO = $2500
    • Full Evening of Work DUO = $4000
    • Full Evening of Work TRIO = $5500
    • Shared Program option SOLO (30 minutes) = $1850
    • Shared Program option DUO (35 ‐40 minutes) = $3375
    • 2 to 3 Shows (Full Evening of Work SOLO)  + 3 Outreach Activities = $5000
    • 2 to 3 Shows  (Full Evening of Work DUO)  + 4 Outreach Activities = $6700
    • 2 to 3 Shows  (Full Evening of Work TRIO)  + 4 Outreach Activities = $8500
    • Same Day Preparation & Performance option = $2500
    • 2 Day Preparation, 3rd Day Performance option =  $3500

Community/Educational Activity:

  • Lecture Demos/Masterclasses/Workshops = $500 per each
  • Non‐performance culminating residencies = $2500 per week
  • Longer‐ term projects/residencies = $5000 per month, $30, 000 per year
Community Activity Information

Choreography Workshops:
Participants are guided through a challenging and innovative dance class complete with warm-up, conditioning and a chance to learn original Maura Garcia Dance choreography. One workshop generally runs for 1.5 or 2 hours.

Dance-Story Workshops:
These workshops allow people to move, learn and have fun while exploring the oral tradition through dance. Students interpret stories through self-created choreography and group dance collaborations. Classes run from 45 minutes – 2 hours.

Movement Response Master Classes:
Experiential, movement-based classes that teach participants techniques for using movement to respond to…whatever. Whether it be a story, a math lesson, a personal experience, a painting or a tree, movement response classes explore how events and objects can be interpreted, understood and explored via dance. Participants leave with deeper appreciation of whichever subject is being explored. Movement Response workshops can be modified to suit people with all types of physical abilities from those in wheel chairs, to passersby in street clothes to professional dancers in a studio. Movement Response classes are offered as one-time sessions or 1-2 week residencies with the variety and depth of tools explored increasing with the length.

Showtime Workshops:
Choreography + Costumes + Performance = a show. That’s exactly what participants do in these workshops. Students learn how to create something for presentation from beginning to start using concepts from the Movement Response workshops and found-object art-making techniques. Showtime Workshops can be done over the course of a 2 hour master class and/or as a multi-session residency.

“Sources of Movement” Lecture Demonstrations:
This lecture introduces audiences to behind the scenes processes used to create choreography and convert everyday events into movements. In addition to outlining choreography-generating techniques and providing examples of how they can be used, Maura demonstrates the techniques via audience participation activities. She also discusses the stories behind her own choreography. Demonstrations typically run 45 minutes – 1.5 hours

Educational Activity Information

Maura Garcia Dance designs and facilitates engaging workshops that activate the mind & body, while still fitting neatly within curriculum standards. All workshops are designed to engage the key skills of connecting, creating, speaking and listening. The following are offered as classes for students or as arts integration professional development workshops for educators:


Cycling Seasons (grades preK – 3):
A fun exploration of the cyclical patterns of the seasons through dance. Students learn about the concepts of repetitive systems through guided group motion and explore seasonal differences via self-created choreography.

Algebraic Rhythms (grades 6-12):
An experiential class that explores algebraic concepts through movement. With a focus on common algebraic formulas, students are able to develop a deeper understanding of processes in a low-pressure, fun environment.

The Mechanics of Flight (grades 3 – 5):
A journey through the basics of what makes things fly and what keeps them grounded. Lift,Weight, Thrust and Drag are all explored through group choreography and interpretive movement.

Dancing Their Stories (all ages):
An experiential, movement-based class using movement to respond to historical texts or stories. Chronological order, characters and actions are all recreated through dance. Minds and bodies are activated same time, allowing students to develop a new relationship with the narrative.

Support Materials