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Störling Dance Theater

Email:[email protected]


Störling Dance Theater is a neo-classical, modern dance company established in 1996.

Artistic Director
Mona Störling-Enna


  • Jillian Sivewright
  • Alexandra Wilson
  • Caitlin Pettijohn
  • Rhiannon Grimes
  • Laura Fiatte
  • Tiffany Best
  • Shannon Benton
  • Ashley Mohlenhoff
  • Heidi Loubser
  • Brianna Wheeler
  • Ivy EuDaly
  • Alex Smith
  • Jonah Brown
  • Beret Holaday
Primary Program Description

Störling Dance Theater has become known for their narrative, major productions including:

A story of the Underground Railroad

A story of a woman with Alzheimers

Book Of Kells
A ballet about the story behind the ancient Scottish treasure

The Prodigal Daughter
A parable of the Prodigal set on women and from a women’s perspective

A parable of the seeds

Suspended Grace
A biblical narrative of the adultress

Mixed repertoire includes smaller narrative works, modern dance to instrumental music, and themed choreographer. Examples include:

Small narrative work:

Hung Out To Dry
A story about a village and how gossip infects a community

Her Last Prayer
A story about a teenage martyr in China under communism

Waiting for Jerry
A trio of humorous takes on marriage

Other rep includes beautiful dance to inspiring music compositions especially focused on unknown composers, world music and innovative works.

Program Fee

Cost range from $8,000 plus expenses to $125,000. Contact us if you are interested to determine realistic costs.

Educational Activity Information

Störling Dance Theater can provide educational opportunities including:

  • Master classes in Ballet, Modern Dance, Choreography
  • Music for dance – Underground includes a nationally recognized curriculum guide for schools Grades 3-12
  • Panel discussions and Q&A with artists, creators and directors
  • Störling is especially strong at workshops and discussions to inspire young artists to pursue their gifting with both practical tips and personal encouragement based on decades of experience and accomplishment
Additional Activity Fee

Master classes are a minimum of $150. Panel discussions and Q&A are usually wrapped into performance fee. Panel discussions held as stand alone events would cost $400 per director, $250 per artist plus expenses.

Community Activity Information
  • Q&A before or after a performance
  • School/Org/Church visits before performances
  • Visits prior to performances to help build audience can be complimentary plus expenses of trip
  • Master classes presented in advance to build interest can be a part of a performance package
Additional Activity Fee

Expenses for complementary activity could include room and board, food and travel.

Support Materials