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Tristian Griffin Dance Company

TraTristian Griffin Dance Company is artistically led by Tristian Griffin and accompanied by a small beautiful, strong dance troupe.

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Tristian Griffin Dance Company is artistically led by Tristian Griffin and accompanied by beautiful and strong dance artists. The Company strives to challenge the audience with thought provoking narratives and conceptually engaging choreography. The foundation of all TGDC’s work is to rekindle high- caliber dance to the community and to give the marginalized a voice through moment, text and music. There is an undertone of acknowledging human conditions with pressing questions of how to move towards a solution. TGDC has several opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. The company has been invited to numerous dance festivals in 2020 including International Dance Festival (Philadelphia, PA), Austin Dance Festival (Austin, TX), Modern Night at the Folly (Kansas City, MO), OpenStage (Leawood, KS), Fringe Festival (Kansas City, MO) and Perpetuum Mobile Festival (Brussels, Belgium). The company will also be presenting an evening length production titled “Palimpsest II” at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in 2022. Help Tristian Griffin Dance Company reach their goal of 5,000 dollars to support their season. We hope you will consider giving a tax deductible gift to these artists.

Program Fee


  • One Show (25 minute limit)
  • $2,000= Solo (10 minute limit)
  • $3,000= Small group-Duet, Trio (20 minute limit)
  • $7,000= Full company 2 to 3 Performances

2-3 Performances

  • $5,000= Solo, Duet, Trio (25 minute limit)
  • $10,000= Full company

Community/Educational Activity:

  • $1,000/each= Lecture & Demonstration with Full Company
  • $500/each= Workshop (2 hours)
  • $250/each= Masterclass (1 hour)
  • $3,500/per month= Longer term projects/residencies

Performance and Community/ Educational Activity Package: One Show + 2 to 3 Workshop/Master Class

  • $3,000=Solo
  • $4,000=Small group-Duet, Trio

2 to 3 Shows + 3 Workshops/Master Classes

  • $6,500=Small group-Duet, Trio
  • $11,000=Full company 2 to 3 Shows + 2 to 3 Lecture & Demonstration $12,000=Full Company

*lodging and travel are not included in pricing (will be added if venue location is 45 minutes from Lawrence)

Educational Activity Information

TGDC and LAC will host a Question & Answer including: Tristian Griffin, TGDC company members, Philip Daniel (composer), and POET tl (writer) as well as LAC mediator. The Q & A will be an open floor to allow audience to ask questions relevant to ALINEA. Tristian and the dancers will answer them while enlightening the audience about the choreographic process and the lessons they learned. The creative team: Tristian, Philip, and Poet will also give insight on their collaborative relationship and the lessons they learned. The lessons learned can be applied to a community and help build a stronger fellowship. An example is in order to problem solve with a team, everyone must be heard and their opinion needs to be respected by the entire team.uing education, etc.

Community Activity Information

Tristian Griffin Dance Company (TGDC) will host two masterclasses featuring Tristian Griffin and a few of TGDC company dancers. There will be two separate contemporary classes hosted at Lawrence Arts Center (LAC). One of the classes is oriented and curated for pre-professional and professional dancers. Focusing more on refining the dancer’s technique and empowering their artistic voice. During class, Tristian/TGDC will break down the company’s methods: -refining the dancer’s technique -empowering the dancer’s artistic voice -coach the dancers with compassion and enthusiasm exercises: -conditioning and strength through ballet, yoga, pilates, floor work (release technique), modern and contemporary and choreography: -analyzing ALINEA contemporary choreography -the meaning behind the movement -how to execute the challenging professional-level choreography The other class will be open to all levels, with no dance experience needed. Tristian/TGDC believes in an all-inclusive environment by connecting to the full spectrum in the community. During the class he will guide the participants in a self-paced movement sequence. The goal of the class is to liberate the body by fulfilling it with confidence as well as being challenged. Tristian has taught this class all over the nation for the past 6 years. He has offered this class at H.A.L.O (2015-19), Friends of Alvin Ailey at Kansas City (2020), University of Kansas (2020), and Lawrence Arts Center (2021). Overall, participants feel as a harmonious community despite their differences and gap in experience.

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