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Governor Kelly Announces $14M Capital Investment Creating 110 Jobs in Wellington Governor Laura Kelly announced today that Elite Harness is investing $14 million, creating 110 new jobs, in Wellington. Elite Harness will refurbish an existing facility into a 50,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Commerce Announces $4.1M Available in Tax Credits Program Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland today announced $4.1 million in tax credits once again will be made available under the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Community Service Tax Credit Program (CSP). Commerce Grants Available for Rural Mural and Public Art Projects The Kansas Department of Commerce today announced a total of $75,000 is available for a new round of Rural Mural and Public Art program funding. The program helps rural communities design engaging new art that improves the local aesthetic – making the community more appealing not only for those who live there but for potential new businesses and residents as well. Kansas awarded nearly $1 million from USDA to assist with rural digital divide The Kansas Office of Broadband Development (KOBD) has been awarded nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service through its new Broadband Technical Assistance (BTA) grant program. The $997,000 grant will fund pre-engineering design studies in six rural Kansas counties to help reduce costs and identify avoidable barriers as broadband is deployed there. View All


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Outline for a Business Plan

I. Executive Summary

The Executive Summary should not be a mere listing of topics contained in the body of your business plan but should emphasize the key issues presented. A critical point that must be communicated in the Executive Summary is your company’s distinctive competence—the factors that will make your business successful in a competitive market.

II. Market Analysis

The Market Analysis section should reflect your knowledge of your industry and target market, and present highlights and analysis of your market research. Detailed market research studies, however, should be presented as appendices to your plan.

III. Company Description

The Company Description section must provide an overview of how all of the elements of your company fit together without going into detail, since most of the subjects will be covered in depth elsewhere in the plan.

IV. Marketing and Sales Activities

Both general and specific information must be included in this part of your plan. Your objective here is to describe the activities that will allow you to meet the sales and margin levels indicated in your prospective financial statements.

V. Products and Services

Special attention should be paid to the users of your business plan as you develop this section. Too much detail will have a negative impact on most external users of the plan. Avoid turning this section of your business plan into a policies and procedures manual for your employees. This section should include information on any patents, trademarks and copyrights that you might have.

VI. Operations

Here again, too much detail can detract from the rest of your plan. Be certain that the level of detail included fits the specific needs of the plan’s users.

VII. Management and Ownership

Your management team’s talents and skills are some of the few truly unique aspects of your company. If you are going to use your plan to attract investors, this section must emphasize your management’s talents and skills, and indicate why they are a part of your company’s distinctive competence that cannot easily be replicated by your competition. Include Title, SSN, email and phone number for each manager and board member, if applicable. This section should also include current ownership. Do not use this section of the plan to negotiate future ownership of the company with potential investors.

VIII. Funds Required and their Uses

Any new or additional funding reflected in your prospective financial statements should be discussed here. Alternative funding scenarios can be presented if appropriate, as well as a breakdown of the intended use of funds.

IX. Financial Data

The Financial Data section contains the financial representation of all the information presented in the other sections. Pro Forma Income Statements and various prospective scenarios can be included here, if appropriate.

X. Appendices or Exhibits

Any additional detailed or confidential information that could be useful to the readers of the business plan but is not appropriate for distribution to everyone receiving the body of the plan can be presented here. Accordingly, appendices and exhibits should be bound separately from the other sections of the plan and provided on an as-needed basis to readers.