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Who's Eligible?

To be eligible for Student Loan Repayments, individuals must:

  • Establish domicile* in a ROZ County after July 1, 2011 AND on or after the date on which the County opts-in to the student loan program
  • Hold an associate's, bachelor's or post-graduate degree prior to moving to the ROZ County
  • Have an outstanding student loan balance in applicant’s name
  • Ability to provide proof of: residency at current and previous addresses, transcript with degree date, and student loan balance with distribution dates
  • Have a Sponsor. Counties and Employers can sponsor applicants in this program. the Applicant must have a sponsor to receive funding.

Student Loan Repayment Application

Applications for Student Loan Repayment are accepted from Jan. 1st through Sept. 30th.

Documents to be provided include:

  • Student Loan Repayment Application
  • Personal Identification (Driver's License, State ID, ETC.)
  • Proof of your three (3) previous addresses prior to relocating to the ROZ County
  • Proof of previous address before moving to the ROZ County
  • Proof of ROZ County residency
  • Transcript with degree date
  • Proof of student loan balance with distribution dates
  • Know who your sponsor is: county, city, employer, or foundation. To find out if your county has funding available for new applicants please contact your County Clerk.

Required Documents must be emailed to

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