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Only accredited angel investors can qualify for the Kansas Angel Investor Tax Credit by investing in Kansas businesses certified by the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Registered Angels are not guaranteed a tax credit. Tax credits are issued upon an investment into a Commerce certified company.

To be qualified for the Kansas Angel Investor Tax Credit:

Complete the Angel Investor Registration after making a Qualified Investment.

The Kansas Angel Tax Credit is limited to a $6,000,000 Annual Allocation cap each calendar year through 2021.

The program is first-come, first-served. Investors may not be certain that they will receive an Angel Tax Credit Certificate prior to making a Qualified Cash investment.

There is a $50,000 tax credit limit per company per year. Accredited angel investors can receive a total of $250,000 tax credits per calendar year.

A person who serves as an executive, officer, employee, vendor or independent contractor of a qualified business in which an otherwise qualified cash investment is made is not an angel investor and such person shall not qualify for the issuance of tax credits for such investment.

If investing through a permitted entity, all of the equity owners of the permitted entity must be accredited investors.

A determination as a Qualified Kansas Business by the Kansas Department of Commerce does not constitute investment advice and the Qualified Kansas Business may not make any representations that the Kansas Department of Commerce has provided any opinion as to the advisability of an investment in the Qualified Kansas Business.

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