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What is On-the-Job Training?
The KANSASWORKS On-the-Job Training program (OJT) supports local businesses needing to train and retain skilled, productive workers.

Companies train promising candidates with the necessary skills for the position. For qualifying positions, OJT contracts can reimburse up to 50% of the wages to compensate employers for the cost associated with training and loss of production for a newly hired employee.

OJT is a cost-effective strategy for employers needing to expand or whose openings require specialized or technical skills.


Employers use OJT to meet their workforce needs:
On-the-Job Training in Action – Diesel Mechanic
On-the-Job Training in Action – Machinist

How does On-the-Job Training benefit job seekers

The OJT program also gives unemployed workers valuable skills and permanent, full-time employment.

Job seekers earn while they learn and begin a path toward a new career.

Call your local KANSASWORKS American Job center at 1-877-509-6757 to see if you qualify.

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