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Closings and Mass layoffs

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Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for Workers Program is a federal program that assists U.S. workers who have lost or may lose their jobs as a result of foreign trade. It seeks to provide adversely affected workers with opportunities to obtain the skills, credentials, resources, and support necessary to (re)build skills for future jobs.

Benefits of TAA
  • Employment and Case Management Services
  • 100% Paid Education or Retraining Opportunities
  • Income Support (TRA), while attending full-time training
  • Job Search and Relocation Reimbursement Assistance
  • Wage Subsidy for Workers Over the Age of 50 (RTAA)
  • Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)

Apply for TAA - Employees

To begin the enrollment process watch the "TAA Program & What You Need to Know" video below. Once you have watched the video, create a KANSASWORKS account and email to request an application with the name of your layoff employer.

Apply for TAA - Employers

For businesses who would like to apply for the TAA program CLICK HERE.

TAA Program & What you need to know


TAA Benefits Handout
Search for Kansas TAA petitions (USDOL website)
TAA Certified Worker Resources
Lose your Job Due to Foreign Trade?
What to do when Foreign Trade Affects your Company

If you have questions, please visit or contact your nearest Workforce Center.

For more information, please visit the United States Department of Labor website for TAA website.


TAA Testimonials


Contact Us

Ann-Marie Bevel Assistant TAA Program Manager, Employer Contact Email (785) 296-5621 TTY:711 LinkedIn

Phyllis Gish TAA Program Manager Email (785) 296-0824 TTY:711 LinkedIn

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