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Renewable Energy Incentives

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With an ever-increasing percentage of the state’s energy coming from renewable sources, Kansas offers an immediate advantage to companies committed to meeting corporate sustainability goals. From our investor-owned utilities to co-ops and municipal utilities across the state, our energy providers are incorporating wind energy as a key component of their energy portfolios.

Located in the heart of the nation’s Wind Corridor, Kansas also offers an ideal location for manufacturing wind turbine components and supplies. Our central location and outstanding transportation infrastructure provide convenient and economical access to the regions with the greatest wind energy activity. Kansas is ranked 2nd in wind potential and is among the top five states for operating wind farms.

There are also thousands of megawatts of additional wind energy under development across the state with 874 megawatts currently in advanced development. Kansas wind is very cost effective due to high productivity factors, and has therefore been attractive to out-of-state off-takers, which are purchasing over 45 percent of the wind energy produced in Kansas.

According to data in the 2016 Annual Wind Market Report, Kansas ranks in the Top 10 in a number of categories:

• 5th in cumulative investment in wind energy projects ($8.4 billion)

• 5th in wind industry employment (5,001-6,000)

• 5th in estimated annual lease payments to landowners by wind projects ($10-15 million)

• 8th in wind capacity currently in advanced development (874). 5th in wind power capacity installations (4,451 MW)

• 4th in wind power capacity additions during 2016 (687 MW), 3rd in wind energy as percent of total state
generation (29.6 percent)

• 6th in fastest growing states for wind generation (28.3 percent annual growth) and 4th in total generation from wind power (14.1 million MWh)

Kansas is committed to the growth of this industry through the development of additional wind farms, a strong supply chain and transmission capabilities to out-of-state markets.

In addition, Kansas has multiple operating ethanol facilities across the state. The State of Kansas has numerous incentives to assist the development of renewable energy. State tax credits are available for projects that utilize waste heat to convert to energy or otherwise offset local power usage via renewable sources. Incentive payments, tax credits and other development incentives are available to producers, retail dealers and individuals that utilize alternative fuel sources.

Kansas has enacted a host of renewable energy policies, including a renewable energy goal, energy efficiency measures for state-owned property and net metering. To encourage the growth of alternative energy, the state offers a 10-year personal property tax exemption for projects generating electricity from renewable sources.

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