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The structure of Kansas’ financial incentives, tax levies and tax credits has been thoughtfully planned to be fair and favorable for your business.

Our tax base ensures that no single industry is disproportionately burdened. Our incentives reflect an awareness of what it takes to attract and retain the companies that provide jobs for Kansans.

Our state is constitutionally restrained from overspending, providing a foundation of fiscal integrity for our business climate.

Rural Opportunity Zones

There's something special about life in rural Kansas. Something authentic and wholesome. Something that makes it the ideal place to live, work and raise a family. And thanks to the new Rural Opportunity Zones program, there's never been a better time than now to make rural Kansas your new home.

Rural Opportunity Zones are 73 counties that have been authorized to offer one or both of the following financial incentives to new full-time residents:
• Kansas income tax waivers for up to five years
• Student loan repayment of up to $15,000

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