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Broadband Initiative


The Kansas Office of Broadband Development was created to lead a statewide effort to expand broadband coverage and capacity for all Kansans. Access to affordable, quality service is critical to advancing economic growth and competitiveness.

High-speed broadband services create new jobs, attract new industries, expand markets for new and existing businesses, enable Kansans to better access to educational opportunities and resources, facilitate delivery of healthcare services, and protect public safety.

Increased deployment of broadband services and infrastructure will improve long-term quality of life for all Kansans and will ensure our state continues to compete locally and globally.

We are committed to enabling the development of a statewide digital communications infrastructure through public-private partnerships to meet the growing demand for quality broadband access in the key sectors of public safety, education, healthcare and transportation for all Kansans.

Broadband Expansion Task Force

In 2018, the Statewide Broadband Expansion Planning Task Force was established. The task force will advise and make recommendations regarding broadband issues and accessibility across Kansas.

Goals and objectives include:

  • Work collaboratively to develop an approach that includes, but is not limited to, the creation of a statewide map for defining and evaluating the broadband needs of Kansas citizens, businesses, industries, institutions and organizations.
  • Identify and document risks, issues and constraints associated with a statewide broadband expansion project. Develop corresponding risk mitigation and resolution strategies where appropriate.
  • Identify opportunities and potential funding sources to expand broadband infrastructure and increase statewide access to broadband services.
  • Remove barriers that may hinder deployment of broadband infrastructure or access to broadband services and consider options for the deployment of new advanced communication technologies.
  • Develop criteria for prioritizing the expansion of broadband services across Kansas.
  • Review existing law and rules and regulations concerning access to the public right-of-way for public utilities and make corresponding recommendations for any changes necessary to encourage broadband deployment.
  • Propose future activities and documentation required to complete a statewide broadband expansion plan, including an upgradeable, functional map of the state of available broadband service, what technologies should be deployed, and the methods to finance broadband expansion.


FCC broadband map

Minimum-Standard Broadband Availability in the State of Kansas



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