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Kansas enjoys one of the most sophisticated and reasonably priced telecommunications systems in the nation. Thanks to our central location, businesses have access to east-west and north-south major trunk lines, connecting them to a nationwide fiber optic network. Whether it’s a small business requiring voice services and internet or a large business with maximum data transport requirements, Kansas has the telecommunications infrastructure your company needs to succeed and grow.

Kansans are served by a variety of local exchange, long distance and wireless carriers. These carriers provide a wide range of telecommunication services from basic dial tone to sophisticated data transport services to nearly ubiquitous wireless or cellular services.

Kansas has 41 incumbent local exchange carriers, including AT&T and CenturyLink (previously Embarq). In addition, Kansas has over 120 competitive local exchange carriers. These carriers are operating primarily in AT&T and CenturyLink territories and are competing with the incumbents, offering competitive services and rates.

Interconnecting these local networks with the national Public Switched Network are more than 236 long distance carriers. These carriers offer a wide variety of long distance calling plans and sophisticated private line services, of particular interest to small and large business.

These services are delivered via state-of-the-art digital switching and transport technologies. Digital switching equipment is deployed nearly seamlessly from the large metropolitan areas to the smallest rural entities throughout the state. This technology delivers the popular call management services (e.g., call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, distinctive ring) to residential and business customers. In addition, business customers have access to business-oriented services, commonly referred to as Centrex features.

Digital transport equipment is also deployed throughout the state, using fiber optic technology to interconnect telephone company switching offices and inter-exchange carriers. In addition, fiber technology is now being deployed to customers’ premises in many locations throughout the state, thus providing broadband internet service. These two families of technology, digital switching and digital transport, combine to provide the customer with a broad menu of high-quality, highly reliable services.

Wireless or cellular services are very broadly deployed with multiple carriers available in most areas of the state. Kansas compares favorably with neighboring states with respect to broadband access to the internet. In fact, Kansas City, Kansas, was selected as the nation’s first Google Fiber community. Google Fiber provides communities with internet access more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have today. Nearly 1,100 communities submitted applications for Google Fiber. Since that time, Google has installed this fiber in several cities in the Kansas City area.

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