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Kansas benefits from one of America’s largest deposits of natural gas, a resource that translates into easy access and excellent prices for natural gas consumers.

The Hugoton Gas Field in southwest Kansas covers more than 5,700 square miles, supplies 41 percent of all natural gas produced in the state and contributes to Kansas’ ranking among the top natural gas producing states, with approximately 243 billion cubic feet of natural gas produced annually. Kansas natural gas companies and municipal gas systems supply the state.

Three major pipelines, operated by Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc., Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company and Northern Natural Gas Company, transport more than 50 percent of that consumption and connect with a wide distribution network.

In the areas not served by distributors, direct hook-ups from transmission lines can accommodate most businesses. In addition, municipal distribution lines may be able to use existing taps and transport gas to larger customers at a lower cost.

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