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Industrial Accessories Company

Apr 26, 2022

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IAC Industrial Sales Manager, Jazmin West, shares her insight on exporting filtration equipment from Kansas.

“I love putting Kansas on the radar. Most of my clients had no idea where Kansas was located when I first met them. It is fair to say that every one of our customers now knows where Kansas is. We ship daily to international markets out of our Kansas facilities, and we also have welcomed many of them in our headquarters.”

IAC is a fully integrated EPC Contractor and OEM of air pollution control (APC) systems, pneumatic conveying systems, bulk storage and dry material handling systems, rotary dryers, automated controls, and dry sorbent injection systems.

West shared that IAC’s biggest export achievement was in 2020 when the company was selected by NRG Proppants of Argentina (NRG) to engineer and design its new fracturing sand processing plant, and supply specialty equipment in the drying and screening processes of oil drilling/refining. The project uses IAC’s patented technology. This was a multimillion-dollar project for which IAC competed with world class firms ultimately outbidding everyone and securing the first and only fracturing sand plant design and supply in Argentina.

West encourages other companies interested in exporting to reach out to other companies that are successfully exporting. A few meetings with other experienced companies might be able to spare them years of having to invent the wheel for themselves. West continues, stating most exporters are happy to mentor other companies and share their recommendations, connections, and experience.

If you are interested in exporting your products to markets outside of the U.S., contact the International Division today. The International Division can connect you with the resources and information necessary to begin exporting. The International Division has export assistance funds to help businesses attend trade shows, attend foreign sales trips, translate marketing materials, hire translators and more. For more information about our export assistance programs and to read about more export success stories, visit our site