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Broadband Acceleration Grant Year 2

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“We know broadband is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for Kansans and our communities to participate in the digital economy,”
– Governor Laura Kelly

Affordable Connectivity Program

Kansas Office of Broadband Development

In our modern world, access to high-speed internet isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

With so much vital information and communication moving online, communities and businesses unable to access high-quality internet connections aren’t just at a disadvantage, they are effectively disqualified from a major portion of the economy. With this in mind, providing broadband access to all communities across our state is a top priority for the Department of Commerce. 

Kansas Broadband Acceleration Grant Opportunity

Year 2 Announced December 15, 2021

The Broadband Acceleration Grant program is Kansas’ first state-funded competitive broadband grant opportunity to fund projects that facilitate access to high-quality internet service to Kansas homes, businesses and communities.

Digital Equity & Inclusion

Partner Resources

The Kansas Office of Broadband Development’s mission is to help all Kansans bridge the digital divide through home broadband access, public broadband access, personal devices, and local technology training and support programs.

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Lieutenant Governor Toland Announces Public Comment Period for the Broadband Acceleration Grants
February 28, 2022

TOPEKA – Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland announced the opening of a public comment period for the Broadband Acceleration Grants. The Kansas Office of Broadband Development (KOBD), a division of the Kansas Department …

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Governor Laura Kelly Announces Broadband Acceleration Grant Program Submission Window
December 15, 2021

TOPEKA – Today, Governor Laura Kelly announced the application window for Broadband Acceleration Grant Program submissions. “Access to high-speed internet is critical for Kansans to access health care, education, and compete in an increasingly digital economy,” …

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Governor Laura Kelly visits McFarland to Celebrate $5 million in Grants to Expand Broadband to Homes, Businesses Statewide
March 11, 2021

TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly today announced that through the Broadband Acceleration Grant Program, 14 broadband improvement projects totaling $5 million will improve access to high-speed internet for homes and businesses in 18 communities statewide. …

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“In 2020, Governor Kelly announced the Broadband Acceleration Grant Program to rapidly aid Kansas communities in need of high-speed internet access. See what Governor Kelly says about the program here. To learn more about the awarded projects, click here to see the full list.”

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The Kansas Office of Broadband Development was established in 2020 to help ensure all Kansans have the opportunity to live, work, learn and compete in a global economy by improving universal access to quality, affordable and reliable broadband.