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Food Processing and Manufacturing

Fresh from the Middle

Kansas is a culinary masterpiece providing a plethora of sustainable quality ingredients it takes to feed the world. We’ve always been known for our robust agriculture and food industries. Commonly referred to as, “The Breadbasket of the World,” the Wheat State has nurtured our reputation by consistently ranking No. 1 for wheat production in the United States. In addition, we’re one of the top producers of grain sorghum and a variety of other commodities.

Home to a one-of-its-kind milling science program and a network of higher education resources, companies have access to a bountiful workforce trained to add zest to your operation. No matter the ingredient a company needs for their secret sauce it can be found in the Kansas food value chain, chances are one of our 15,000 agricultural companies can provide it.

Our food companies range from small, family-owned companies to large, multi-national corporations and headquarters; all of which have found the economic benefit as they feed the world from Kansas’ world-renowned logistics and distribution infrastructure. If you’re looking to manufacture quality food products quickly and efficiently from a variety of materials, look no further than our pièce de résistance of food manufacturers bringing together families, friends…and you!

Access to raw materials is an obvious advantage for food and beverage manufacturers, but just as important is Kansas’ central location and the ability to get products from Point A to Point B by the most efficient means possible – preserving the quality and freshness of products while enroute to their final destination. Access to education, research and development is also a key advantage companies have when locating in Kansas. The Food Science Institute at Kansas State University offers undergraduate and graduate food science programs with research and facilities specialized in dairy processing, food chemistry, food safety, grain science, meat science, product development and sensory analysis.  

$5.2 billion

Kansas food manufacturing has an economic impact of approximately


Pet food manufacturers located within the KC Animal Health Corridor represent 61% of the total pet food sold in the United States


Food manufacturing makes up 21% of the Kansas manufacturing industry

Top 10

Kansas also ranks consistently in the top 10 for producing beef, sunflowers, flour, hay, corn and soybeans, and are enjoying substantial growth in pork and dairy production

103,000 Jobs

Agriculture, food and beverage manufacturing related industries support approximately 103,000 jobs or 7.4% of the workforce in the state.

Dot’s Pretzels

Logistics Park Kansas City in Edgerton, Kansas, will soon be home to the largest manufacturing plant for Dot’s Pretzels. The premiere pretzel brand plans to begin operations later this year in the new facility that will increase their production capacity to meet the ever-increasing national demand for their signature snacks.

Explore Kansas’ key industries and learn how you can be part of the next Kansas success story.

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