Business Recruitment

We know Kansas is a great place for business, and we think you’ll agree. Kansas continues to be aggressive in its efforts to grow our economy. Major companies choose Kansas as their preferred business location due to the advantages our state can offer – advantages that translate into increased performance and profits.

Alicia Janesko Hutchings

Manager, Business Recruitment

(913) 205-8521

Peter Ruiz

Recruitment Project Manager, West Coast Region

(213) 706-6654

Chang Lu

Recruitment & International Trade Project Manager, South Central Region

(913) 515-8541

Jeff Freeman

Recruitment Project Manager, Great Lakes Region

(202) 549-5999

Jose Romano

Recruitment Project Manager, East Coast Region

(917) 756-9601

Barbara Hake

Recruitment Project Manager, Kansas City Metro Region

(913) 909-0999

Randi Tveitaraas Jack

Deputy Director, International Division

(785) 296-7868

Dandi Owens

Business Recruitment Coordinator

(785) 207-0950

Haley Pederson

Research Analyst

(785) 213-4313