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The Office of Rural Prosperity (ORP) advocates for and promotes rural Kansas and focuses on efforts designed to aid rural improvements. Through ongoing conversations with rural stakeholders, ORP identifies key policy priorities and blends administrative action with legislative work to remove barriers to prosperity. As a division in the Kansas Department of Commerce, we are part of the economic development team that is solely focused on the growth and prosperity of rural Kansas. 

Since being one of the first key priority departments established by Governor Kelly in 2018, we have worked to ensure rural communities were elevated and programs and services that rural stakeholders outlined as priorities are developed.  After two state-wide listening sessions, one thing was clear: rural Kansans consistently felt the State was not listening. They felt as if they did not have a seat at the table. These discussions established the foundation and priorities of ORP.

The following are the priorities that hundreds of Kansans helped to establish with the Office of Rural Prosperity.  These are always changing, adapting, and growing as rural Kansans continue tackle the hard issues facing their community. 

Rural Prosperity Summit

Join us for the Rural Prosperity Summit on Monday, October 17th from 10:00am – 2:30pm, to kick off the 2022 Kansas Tourism Conference!

More info coming soon.

House Bill 2237 and Governor Kelly Budget Enhancement Summary​

Partnering with Rachel Willis, the Commerce Legislative Liaison, and Randy Speaker, Commerce Housing Specialist, as well as the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation Director, Ryan Vincent, to learn more about the new Bi-Partisan Housing bill as well as Governor Kelly’s budget enhancement for the Moderate Income Housing program at KHRC. Hosted by Office of Rural Prosperity Director, Trisha Purdon

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Housing Resources in Kansas

Affordable, quality and accessible housing is a critical component to growing the Kansas economy and improving the quality of life in our state.

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