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Building a Stronger Economy 2.0 (BASE)

Grant Application

Round 2 grant awardees listed below.

The Department of Commerce, authorized by the SPARK Executive Committee, is offering matching funds to address economic development opportunities throughout the state. BASE is designed to support infrastructure development to address economic development opportunities statewide with the goal of expanding the state’s base of businesses and residents.

Build your community’s economic development BASE!

The BASE 2.0 grant program includes infrastructure investments associated with economic development projects including the development of new business parks; development of infrastructure required to support business expansions; renovation of existing business parks to bring them up to modern standards; development of infrastructure such as railroad spurs, water, wastewater, storm-water and other utilities; driveway aprons; business park signage; parking facilities directly associated with business attraction projects; speculative industrial office and residential space; development of infrastructure related to cybersecurity investments; and other projects that achieve the goal of expanding the state’s base of businesses and residents.

BASE Grant Program Information

Eligible Applicants

a. County or municipal governments

b. Economic Development Organizations

c. Recognized Tribes within the borders of Kansas

d. Private land developers and commercial property owners

e. 501c3-Designated Non-Profit Organizations

f. Local Main Street Programs or Main Street Affiliate

g. Local Chambers of Commerce

h. Community Foundations

i. Rural Water Districts

Eligible Use of Funds

  • Infrastructure associated with the development of new business parks
  • Development of infrastructure required to support business expansions
  • Renovation of existing business parks to bring them up to modern standards
  • Development of infrastructure such as railroad spurs, water, wastewater, stormwater and other utilities
  • Driveway aprons
  • Business park signage
  • Parking facilities directly associated with business attraction projects
  • Speculative industrial office and residential space
  • Development of infrastructure related to cybersecurity investments
  • Other projects that achieve the goal of expanding the state’s base of businesses and residents
Application Information

Projects submitted must demonstrate the ability to be successfully implemented and have little viability without grant financing. Additionally, applicants are required to document how this project was delayed or affected negatively due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting negative economic conditions. There is a minimum 25% match requirement by the applicant or additional program partner. 

  • No more than 3 applications shall be submitted by any eligible entity. Entities that submitted to BASE 1.0 can choose to use a previous application and make modifications or submit additional new applications. No more than 3 applications will be accepted from any single entity from both rounds combined.
  • Construction of BASE funded components of project must be completed within 2 years of an executed Award Agreement, or June 30, 2025, whichever date occurs first. 
  • All applicants must register with and obtain a UEI number prior to submission. 
  • The awarded project can include funding from any state or federal source, as long as there is no duplication of benefit. Examples of eligible matching funds include: Local ARPA Funds, Economic Development Administration (EDA) Grants, Community Development Block Grant, Community Service Tax Credit Program, USDA Rural Development, State Historic Preservation Office programs, or Network Kansas programs. 
  • Award recipients are required to sign an Award Agreement agreeing to the conditions of the program. 
  • Quarterly reporting will be required of all awardees on progress and financial status of the project. 
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit any relevant architectural and/or engineering plans for their project, as well as bids and estimates. 
  • Awards will be disbursed in at least two tranches of no more than 50% each. Awardees will be required to submit two approved quarterly reports and spend at least 10% of the full award from the first disbursement before future disbursements are made. 
  • Any projects funded by the BASE program are subject to federal procurement standards for any necessary contracts. Details regarding federal procurement standards can be found at 2 CFR 200.318
  • A business and marketing plan are required for the project. 
Award Amount

While there is no minimum award amount, these awards are intended to be impactful (catalytic) capital projects. Maximum awards however shall not exceed $25,000,000.

FAQ Base 1.0

When is the application due?

Application acceptance will close on Monday, February 28, 2022 at 11:59PM.

Can I save my application and return to it at a later time?

Yes. The system allows for you to save your progress and return to complete your application.

Will individuals be able to apply?

Only individuals who are land developers or commercial property owners may apply. All other eligible applicants are listed in the Eligible Applicants section above. Sole proprietorships will need to provide owner information. Sole proprietors will be permitted to use their Social Security Numbers as their Tax ID Number, but are strongly encouraged to obtain a free Employer Identification Number from the IRS.

Can an eligible entity apply on behalf of a commercial property owner?

Yes. However, this type of application will count towards the three eligible applications by one entity.

Examples of COVID-related harm can include the inability to proceed with the project due to documented COVID-related revenue loss, financing issues, supply chain issues, and labor shortages.

Yes. Matching funds can include Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, Community Service Tax Credit Program funds, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, and funds from a general operating account.

If I apply, am I automatically awarded funding?

No. There is a team at the Kansas Department of Commerce that will review the project based on merit, project eligibility, and compliance with the American Rescue Plan Act.

What are the funding minimums and maximums?

While there is no minimum award amount, these awards are intended to be impactful (catalytic) capital projects. Maximum awards however shall not exceed $25,000,000.

When will funding be awarded?

Funding announcements are expected to occur on March 25, 2022. The first funding allocation of 50% of the award will occur within 30 days of an executed award agreement. The second 50% of the award will occur no earlier than January 2023 following two consecutive quarterly reports with successful progress of the project.

When do I have to start and finish my project?

All projects must start within 6 months of a fully executed award document. Construction of BASE funded project components must be completed within 2 years of the award date.

How many applications may I submit?

No more than 3 applications may be submitted by one entity. Application acceptance will close on Monday, February 28, 2022 at 11:59PM.

How do I register for a DUNS number?

Visit or call 1-866-705-5711.

Do I need to register with prior to submitting an application?

Yes. If your registration is not completed before submitting an application, you must finalize the process before the issuance of a final award agreement.  This process can take several weeks so please start the process as soon as possible in order to not delay a potential grant award.

Are these grants taxable? 

The IRS has published information [] indicating that “receipt of a government grant by a business is generally not excluded from the business’s gross income under the Federal Tax Code and therefore is taxable.” Please consult your accountant or tax professional to understand more about your particular tax situation and how this guidance applies.  

If my business or organization receives an award, will my business or organization name, address, and award amount be made public? 

Yes. The federal funding used for these grant awards requires the public disclosure of business names, addresses, and award amounts. If a business does not want this information to be made public, it should not submit the Grant Application.  

Are these funds subject to federal flow-down requirements?

Most of the provisions of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200) apply to this program, including the Cost Principles and procurement requirements. Recipients should refer to the Assistance Listing for detail on the specific provisions of the Uniform Guidance that do not apply to this program. The Assistance Listing will be available on

What are the audit implications for these awards?

Keep in mind that a non-Federal entity that expends $750,000 or more during the non-federal entity’s fiscal year in Federal awards must have a single or program-specific audit conducted for that year in accordance with the provisions of Part 200.

What are the reporting expectations for these awards?

The provisions of ARPA require all governments to provide periodic reports to the U.S. Treasury providing a detailed accounting of the use of funds and any other information the Secretary of the Treasury may require.  To meet this requirement, Commerce will be requesting regular reporting from each recipient with specific information to be included in the award document.

How will grant awards be delivered? 

Grant awards will be e-mailed to the email address included in the application. Please make sure the addresses used to apply are accurate to ensure timely receipt of materials. 

I never received my check. What should I do? 

If it has been two weeks since notification of your award and you have not received your payment, please email [email protected]. Please do not contact us regarding lost checks until at least two weeks.  Grant award checks that have not been cashed or deposited after 1 year will be voided.  

Where should I address the letters of support?

Jonathan Clayton
Director of Economic Recovery
Kansas Department of Commerce
1000 SW Jackson St, Ste 100
Topeka, KS 66612

Would the cost of a master plan for a mixed-use housing and retail downtown development qualify?

Funding requests for housing must be linked to current or future economic development projects.

Can an individual business owner use these funds for their own private building on commercial property?

Requests for funds to be used by a private commercial property owner must be tied to current or future economic development projects.  This would require a net increase or anticipated net increase in economic activity occurring at the property (e.g., adding additional tenant(s) or workforce).

Can BASE funds be utilized to purchase property to expand an existing industrial park? 

If part of an effort to recruit or implement a specific economic development project or tenant of the industrial park, then property purchase would be eligible.

Can communities or counties use BASE funds to improve or replace existing public services, such as fire stations or police stations for increased insurance ratings and business attraction?

Stand-alone improvements for community facilities are not permissible under funding for this program. These improvements must be tied to an existing or future economic development project.

Can the required match for BASE funding come from the budget of multiple years for a city or county government?

Yes. A commitment letter or resolution should be provided as confirmation of the match requirement.


Can BASE fund be used for street repairs or improvements?

Street repairs and improvements must be tied to existing or future economic development projects.

Can a city or county-owned water facility be improved upon using BASE funds?

Only if tied to an existing or future economic development project, or the facility is associated with an existing or proposed business or industrial park.

Can BASE funding be used for housing projects?

BASE funding can only be used for infrastructure of housing requests, including utility connection, ground leveling, and connecting roadways. BASE funding cannot be used for the construction of residence units.

Can existing costs from a project in progress be allowed as contributing match funds?

Yes. Funds dating back to January 1, 2019 will be considered eligible for the required match.

Can existing funds from a project in progress be reimbursed through the BASE program?

No. Existing funds can be part of the required match but are not reimbursable.

Can BASE funds be used for community development projects, such as swimming pools, libraries, community buildings, etc.?

No. BASE funding is specifically for business development and expansion related projects.

BASE Resources

Sample Budget
SAMPLE Application

Do not submit the sample application.

Scoring Matrix
Project Description & Scope 15 pointsNeed for Funding 15 pointsDocumented Matching Funds 15 points
Timeline 15 pointsBids & Estimates 20 pointsArchitectural/Engineering Reports 15 points
Business/Marketing Plan 15 pointsLetters of Support 10 pointsCatalytic Impact 30 points
Program Inquiries

BASE 2.0 GRANT Program Awardees

Barber City of Medicine LodgeIndustrial Park Sewer Improvements $57,865
Clay City of Clay CenterClay Center Housing Infrastructure$448,832
Clay Clay County Growth Alliance, Inc.Industrial Manufacturing Infrastructure$143,588
Crawford Sugar Creek Packing Co.Employee Housing Infrastructure at Frontenac Regional Industrial Park$1,260,000
Elk CountyElk CountyElk County Industrial Park$227,311
Ellis Gella's Diner & Lb. Brewing Co., LLCGella's Diner Workforce Development Partnership - Culinary Classroom and Community Kitchen $594,705
Grant Birla Carbon USA Inc.Birla Carbon Railroad Spur Project$643,743
HarveyCity of HalsteadHalstead Industrial Park Speculative Building Project$144,000
Johnson Olathe Chamber of CommerceDowntown Olathe Workforce Housing Development Project$2,000,000
Johnson Midwest Bioscience Research ParkMidwest Bioscience Research Park Renovation and Modernization$1,500,000
Kingman Ninnescah LLC232 Main (Downtown Kingman Commercial/Residential Infill)$750,000
Leavenworth Leavenworth County Lansing Sewer Extension K-7 and McIntyre Road$1,300,000
Leavenworth City of LeavenworthLeavenworth Business and Technology Park Improvements$56,250
Lincoln Lincoln County EDNatural Gas Main Line Upgrade$144,900
Marion Peabody Main Street AssociationPeabody Historic District Revitalization$1,500,000
Miami City of OsawatomieWater and Sewer Main Extension to Northland Properties$1,500,000
Mitchell Solomon Valley Economic Development, IncSolomon Valley Office Suites$423,000
Montgomery City of IndependenceHousing and Water Extension$2,600,000
Nemaha Scoby BrosScoby Bros Warehouse Space$434,298
Neosho The Green Living Foundation, LLCSoutheast Kansas Impact Center Parking /Completion Project$820,373
Norton Norton County Economic Development BoardNorton County Economic Development Housing Development$1,080,000
Pawnee City of LarnedLarned Downtown Revitalization Project$750,000
Phillips Northwest Kansas Housing, Inc.Phillipsburg Infrastructure for Jansonious Development$1,608,287
Republic Blair Center for the Arts FoundationBlair Center for the Arts: Historic Theatre Renovation-Economic Driver$450,000
Reno Hutch ChamberK96 Corridor Industrial Complex$2,000,000
Riley City of Manhattan"The Garage" Entrepreneur & Innovation Center - Manhattan, Kansas$1,500,000
Scott Scott CityScott City Industrial Park North - Lawrence Addition$750,000
Sedgwick City of Bel AireSunflower Commerce Park Sewer Infrastructure$4,716,225
Sedgwick Groover Labs, Inc.Groover Labs CyberLink Infrastructure Expansion$1,150,554
Sedgwick Hutton CorporationMaize Industrial Park$2,000,000
Sedgwick Exploration PlaceDestination Playscape $3,000,000
Shawnee BioRealty, Inc. Astra Innovation Center $1,200,000
Sherman City of GoodlandCity of Goodland Industrial Park project $1,356,416
Thomas MFF 2.0McCarty Dairy Expansion 2.0 $2,508,356
Wallace The Motor InnThe Motor Inn Travel Destination$335,700
Woodson Legacy180 PropertiesWaymire Block$345,600
Wyandotte Flying Truss, LLCRock Island Bridge and Kansas Waterfront Activation$4,000,000
Wyandotte Black MasterMind GroupGateway Plaza Building$1,400,000
Wyandotte KC The Yards 2 LLCThe Helm$800,000

BASE 1.0 GRANT Program Awardees

AllenAllen County Regional AirportInfrastructure Buildout for Industrial Development at Allen County Airport $2,905,095
Atchison Atchison Area Economic Development Corporation (AAEDC)Industrial Road Business Park Sign $13,500
Barton SOFTwarfare, LLCTrusted Cyber Security Identity Cloud for Kansas Manufacturers $3,000,000
Butler City of AndoverNortheast Andover Growth Area $4,500,000
Butler City of AndoverFounder's Parkway (US 54/400 Backage Road) $4,000,000
Butler City of AugustaAugusta Industrial Parks Utility Moderization & Business Expansion Project $4,000,000
Butler City of El DoradoEl Dorado Water Infrastructure and Industrial Development $3,000,000
DoniphanCity of ElwoodCity of Elwood Potable Water and Sanitary Sewer Extension $226,000
Douglas KU Innovation ParkKU Innovation Park Phase III, IV, & V Development $5,000,000
Ellis Grow Hays, Inc.Grow Hays Microfactory $2,623,300
Franklin City of OttawaCity of Ottawa Proximity Park & North Corridor Improvements $5,000,000
Graham City of Hill CityWater System Improvement/Ed Project $290,178
Harper Harper County Community FoundationHP CO Growth Initiative $3,000,000
Johnson City of OlatheK-10 and Ridgeview Road Entertainment District $4,000,000
Johnson City of Olathe Public WorksSouthwest Olathe Commerce $2,944,416
Johnson City of Spring HillWebster Road Extension / Wiswell Farms $2,700,000
Johnson Curtin Property CompanyBrookridge Redevelopment $10,000,000
Johnson EnterpriseKCEstablishing KS as a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence $7,499,773
Johnson Flint DevelopmentFlint Commerce Center $6,000,000
Kiowa Mullinville Community FoundationMullinville Business Incubator $425,398
Labette Great Plains Development Authority/Great Plains Industrial ParkGreat Plains Industrial Park Rail Improvement Project $779,211
McPherson City of MoundridgeGrow Moundridge Project $409,914
NeoshoChanute Regional Development AuthorityChanute Business Expansion & Supporting Residential Development Project $500,000
NortonNorton County Community FoundationHeaton Building Infrastructure and Modernization $115,428
Phillips Prairie Land Electric Cooperative, Inc.Prairie Land - Summit Regional Electrical Infrastructure Project $1,130,490
PottawatomieRadiation Detection Technologies, Inc.RDT Bringing Semiconductor Foundry Production Capabilities to Kansas $2,905,200
Sedgwick City of WichitaWichita Riverfront Improvements $5,000,000
Shawnee Friends of the Free State CapitolPreservation/Conservation - Free State Capitol and Constitution Hall $3,750,000
Shawnee Friends of the Topeka Zoo, Inc.City of Topeka/Gage Park Development $3,000,000
Shawnee Metropolitan Topeka Airport AuthoritySite Prep for NIAR - Topeka Regional Airport $1,000,000
Stafford Port Authority of Stafford CountyPort Authority of Stafford County transload facility $2,500,000
Sumner Stomata Development LLCCommunity 101 - Co-working and Event Center $574,875
WashingtonWashington County Economic PartnershipNew Horizons Expansion $207,222
Wyandotte American Royal AssociationNew American Royal Complex $3,000,000
Wyandotte HFS KCK, LLCHomefield Wyandotte County $3,000,000