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Kansas Industrial Training (KIT)

Training for Net New Job Creation


Becky Kester, KIT/KIR Program Manager

(785) 250-0754

[email protected]

The Kansas Industrial training (KIT) program may be used to assist firms involved in net new job creation. Training can include subjects that provide knowledge and specific skills necessary for job entry including instruction on the company’s own production equipment on the plant floor or on similar machinery in a classroom setting.

Eligible Expenditures

  • Instructor salaries
  • Curriculum planning and development
  • Materials, supplies, textbooks
  • Training aids
  • Minor training equipment
  • Travel

Who Qualifies

To be eligible, a company must create at least one new position at an average wage equal to or greater than the median wage for their county.

Application Fees

A non-refundable application fee of $500 will be required for all Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) applications at the time of application submission.

Where to Start

Applications for Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) are accepted year round. Contact your local Regional Project Manager to get started.

KIT/KIR Program Guidelines

Kansas Industrial Training

The Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) program is designed to assist firms involved in “net new job” creation.

  • Firms must show they are creating at least one net new job in the State of Kansas. For new companies, any job that is created in Kansas is a “net new job.” For expanding companies, a “net new job” is any job that is created over and above the employee base, which is determined by calculating the average number of permanent full- and part-time employees over the preceding 12 months.
  • Firms that are creating new jobs that do not satisfy the “net new job” requirement may qualify for assistance, subject to approval from the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Commerce.
Kansas Industrial Retraining

The Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR) program is designed to assist companies who are restructuring or retraining their workforce.

  • Firms must show they are restructuring their business operations or retraining their workforce due to one or more of the following:
    • Incorporation of existing technology (unable to pay for training associated with upgrades to existing technology)
    • Development and incorporation of new technology (unable to pay for training associated with upgrades to existing technology)
    • Diversification of production
    • Development and implementation of new production
  • A company must show that employees to be trained are likely to be displaced because of obsolete or inadequate job skills and knowledge.
  • A company must retrain at least one existing position.
  • Training plan must be concurrent with project start date.
Other Workforce Development Assistance

A wide variety of services are available to businesses through the Kansas Workforce Centers located throughout the state. Services include but are not limited to: statewide and national job listings; applicant pre-screening and application acceptance; space to conduct interviews as well as staff to assist in scheduling; space for job fairs; applicant assessment services and testing; Veteran services; and current labor market information. These services are available to all Kansas employers at no cost and may be accessed through or by contacting the local Kansas Workforce Center.

How to Apply for Funding

Contact Business Development Training Staff

^To find your local In-state Business Development staff, click on the In-state Business Development hyperlink above.

Preparing the Application

  • Using the template provided by Staff, prepare the training application. Please note, an application for training new jobs must be submitted separately from an application for training existing jobs.
  • Free guidance is available through Business Development Training Staff. The application procedure is designed to be simple and straightforward.

Submit the Completed Application

Processing of the Application

  • Once the application and fees have been received, the application will be assigned to a project manager who will work with the company contact person to develop a contract and final budget amount.
  • If a completed training application is not received within 90 days of commencement of the training project, any training funds that have been reserved for the project may be released.

KIT Resources

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