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Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK)

 A job creation incentive


James Newins, PEAK Consultant

(785) 368-7293

[email protected]

A job creation incentive

PEAK is a business incentive where companies may retain or be refunded 95% of the payroll withholding tax of qualified employees for new jobs created in Kansas. Basic projects that create at least ten new jobs in metropolitan areas, or at least five new jobs in non-metropolitan areas, within two years may be eligible for up to seven years of payroll withholding tax savings. 

Larger, high-impact projects that create at least 100 new jobs within two years may be eligible for up to ten years of payroll withholding tax savings.

Who Can Qualify

  • Existing Kansas Businesses
  • New Startups
  • Out-of-State Businesses
  • International Business
  • Non-profit Headquarters Locations

General Eligibility Requirements

Qualified companies must meet program requirements, including:

  • Be a for-profit entity with a qualifying NAICS code, or a not-for-profit entity headquartered in Kansas
  • Be creating new jobs in Kansas resulting from locating, relocating or expanding a business
  • Meet minimum employment requirements (at least ten new metro jobs or five new non-metro jobs)
  • Must pay wages that meet or exceed the county’s median wage
  • Must provide adequate health care coverage for full-time employees and pay at least 50% of the health insurance premium
  • Must submit an application and be approved for benefits by the Secretary of Commerce

Application Fees

PEAK Applications require a non-refundable $750 fee for each applicant entity to complete the applications. Additional fees will apply for electronic payments. If you would like to pay by check, use this check payment form.

Where to start

PEAK applications are accepted year-round and must be submitted prior to locating, relocating or hiring new jobs in Kansas. To start your application, contact your Regional Project Manager.

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