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Empowering Downtowns

The Kansas Main Street program provides technical assistance and support for communities. We assist local programs in developing transformational strategies that articulate a focused, deliberate path to revitalizing and strengthening their downtown or commercial district’s economy. Centered around four points—economic vitality, design, promotion and organization—these strategies guide local programs toward a distinct vision of what they want their community, and downtown, to be.

The Main Street ApproachTM has proven to be one of the most cost-effective economic revitalization tools available for communities and urban centers. What started as a small pilot program in the late 1970s has grown to include nearly 2,000 communities in more than 40 states. Throughout the country, communities have utilized the Main Street Approach to rally residents around a focused enhancement strategy that transforms their community and enhances their quality of life.

Main Street Applications Open Soon!

Kansas Main Street will soon be accepting applications from communities interested in joining the program. If you’re interested in learning more and applying, plan to attend a virtual Main Street Application Workshop on December 10, 2020, at 2:00 p.m.

Because Every Kansas Community is Unique

With its own distinctive assets and sense of place—the approach offers community-driven initiatives with a practical, adaptable frameworks for downtown transformation that is easily tailored to local conditions.


Scott Sewell, Main Street Program Director

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Jillian Love, Main Street Program Manager & BOTA Liaison

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Economic Vitality




Kansas Main Street is Back

Track Record of Success in Kansas

From 1985 to 2012, more than $600 million in redevelopment took place in participating Kansas communities. This included the opening or expansion of 3,800 small businesses, creating more than 8,600 new jobs. With the return of the state program in 2020, 25 previously participating communities and new programs will once again have the resources and tools they need to breathe new life into their communities and historic commercial districts.

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