Artist INC

Empowering artists through entrepreneurship


Peter Jasso, Director, Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission

(785) 296-2178


Kate Van Steenhuyse, KCAIC Chief Programs Officer


Artist INC is a cutting-edge training program that empowers individual artists in all disciplines to take control of their careers by connecting them to the tools, resources and opportunities necessary to develop their entrepreneurial skills and strengthen their artistic practice.

Through KCAIC’s partnership with Mid-America Arts Alliance, Artist INC seminars provide a host of benefits to artists, including:

  • Skills in arts planning, marketing, finance, law and technology
  • Increased knowledge and the ability to access local and national art business resources
  • Strategic planning for pursuing, marketing and sustaining their art
  • Long-term network of cross-discipline, diverse artists to provide peer learning and support into the future.

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