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Jim Stuckey

Email:[email protected]


Jim is a self-taught artist, from Burlington, Kansas. Jim has done murals for over 30 years in various Kansas cities, private homes and public spaces. To date he has done over one hundred murals in the Coffey County area, Kansas City, Wichita, and Topeka. The majority of Jim’s murals have historical significance. Jim researches the history of the area, or subject prior to starting a mural. Jim meets with all parties involved in commissioning the art. He does a planning sketch and welcomes input before doing a final draft and starting to paint the mural. Jim enjoys and welcomes members of the community to volunteer working on the mural from start to finish.

Community Activity Information

Jim hold’s public meetings with city councils and other governing bodies to explain the mural process. Community members are encouraged to share personal stories, and bring photos to contribute to the creation of each mural. Jim does extensive research at the local Historical Society Archives. After all the research and gathering of stories, Jim does a sketch of the mural concept, then presents in a group meeting and asks for any input or changes. A final sketch is presented for approval before work begins.

Educational Activity Information

Jim works with schools, community organizations and special needs groups to educate them about the mural process. Local artists are also asked to contribute to the design process. Art activities are conducted centering around designing and creating murals. During art activities participants are encouraged to contribute to the design of the mural. Jim has an organic approach, allowing for creative ideas from the public, therefore insuring the public has ownership. Local organizations and community members of all ages are encouraged to join in the painting process of the mural.

Program Fee

Fee is determined by size and content. My fee is inclusive and will include, the design process, community engagement, creating the work, follow up and installation. Material costs are not included in my fee and are the responsibility of the art patron. Fees range from $5,000 to $35,000. Large more time consuming projects may need additional fees.

Jim is willing to evaluate each project individually.