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Lindsey Kernodle

Email:[email protected]


Lindsey Kernodle is a graphic artist and muralist in Wichita. She has years of experience creating highly detailed projects for clients ranging from Hutton (here locally in Wichita) to National Geographic. Much of her work is inspired by her love of nature, having worked as a designer at the Sedgwick County Zoo for 4 years. Whether working in a graphic manner or creating something highly realistic, the underlying process is always one that works deeply with the client to understand what represents them best. Public art is her passion, loving how it connects people to the place we love when art is brought out of the formal gallery setting. One of her dreams is to create more art that communicates the importance of protecting and celebrating our local ecosystems.

Community Activity Information

I love to connect to local wildlife organizations to see what their needs are for educating the public. There is critical work to be done to raise awareness of what is needed to protect our local plants and animals, and art can help redirect our attention to this.

Educational Activity Information

When I create public murals that involve natural subjects, I love to include educational information along with them. For example, if there is a mural showing an ecosystem with different species of plants and animals, this work can be translated into handouts or webpages that educate about local wildlife. What species are local to that city? What species are endangered? What does this common insect look-like up-close? In my artwork, I aim to bring attention to these amazing stories in nature that happen all around us.

Program Fee

Cost Factors:

  • Complexity and size
  • Costs of paints and equipment rentals
  • Timeline and Travel

Design Process:

  1. Initial sketches and inspiration
  2. feedback
  3. focused sketch
  4. two rounds of revision
  5. Final sketch
  6. Mural painting
  7. final clear-coats if needed.