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Kansas Tourism, Visit Wichita Partnering to Host 2025 TBEX Summit Kansas Tourism and Visit Wichita are proud to announce Wichita as the host city for the Travel Blogger Exchange (TBEX) Summit on October 1-4, 2025. This esteemed event will bring together leading travel bloggers, influencers, journalists, content creators and tourism industry professionals from around the globe to explore and enjoy the heart of the country. Commerce Launches Statewide Exporters Roundtable Series he International Division of the Kansas Department of Commerce today announced it will begin a monthly Kansas Exporters Roundtable series in July. With three-quarters of potential customers located outside of the United States, Commerce will visit 12 cities across the state and offer assistance for small- to medium-sized Kansas companies. Kansas Launches National Campaign to Attract and Retain Talent Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland, alongside leaders from across the state, today unveiled Love, Kansas, a dynamic talent attraction campaign aimed at boosting Kansas’ population by inviting past residents to choose the Sunflower State as their future home. This national marketing initiative will highlight Kansas as an exceptional place to live, work and raise a family, with a special emphasis on “boomerangs” – individuals with previous ties to the state. KANSAS! Magazine Brings Home the Gold from International Awards KANSAS! Magazine brought home three Gold Awards at the 44th annual International Regional Media Association (IRMA) awards presentation. For the third consecutive year, KANSAS! was a finalist for the Magazine of the Year. Andrea Etzel, publisher of KANSAS! and publication manager for Kansas Tourism, accepted the awards on behalf of the magazine. View All


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Pablo Diaz Carballo

Visual Arts
Contact Person:Michael Kirby, Artist Representative
Email:[email protected]


Pablo Díaz Carballo is an international painter who works in contemporary art. His painting gave rise to a Conceptual Art proposal that became a Cultural Work of Art, complementary to the painting. A Cultural Work of Art arises from Conceptual Art, for example, an idea that develops in space and time through fine art, natural sciences and social sciences, and interacts with people through different media, strategies and methodologies handled by the artist.

The Cultural Work of Art is part of the Expanded Concept of Art, it is an organic, intangible work of art, which is evidenced through the artist’s proposal and the processes he manages, through the tangible results he obtains, which are later Presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The work of cultural art by Pablo Díaz Carballo started from his painting with the metaphor of The House of the Mind, and in Conceptual Art with the question: What is Art? In this way, he interacted with his painting and developed beyond his art studio.

The result was his Cultural Artwork (IDEO ARTE) impacted more than 4,620 students and indirectly more than 20,000 people. He is currently waiting for the opportunity to present his cultural work of art and his painting in a contemporary art museum. Arelis Diaz is accountant and his manager, working in those projects since 1999 until today.

Primary Program Description

I have paintings ready to present in large rooms.

I also have several conferences ready to present with audiovisual support.

Program Fee

The costs are variable, but a reference can be $100 an hour, but it is flexible and depends on the actual costs and we must analyze each project separately. The cost of the paintings is from $100 8 x 8 inches until the available size is $3,000

Educational Activity Information

What is the art?

  • Art and community.
  • Conceptual art
  • Artist and craftsman.
  • The extended concept of art
  • Social responsibility of the artist.
  • art and education
  • art and business
  • Methodologies for the artist.
  • Various artistic techniques based on painting, graphics, drawing, exploration, mixed techniques, ceramics, etc.
Additional Activity Fee

The costs of each project are variable, but a reference can be $100 an hour.

Community Activity Information

We can also offer art workshops for children, youth, adults, and artists.

I do this work together with Arelis since we have been working as a team since 1999.

Supporting Material

Community Activity Educational Activity Recording

Community Activity Recording

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