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Commerce Announces $4.1M Available in Tax Credits Program Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland today announced $4.1 million in tax credits once again will be made available under the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Community Service Tax Credit Program (CSP). Commerce Grants Available for Rural Mural and Public Art Projects The Kansas Department of Commerce today announced a total of $75,000 is available for a new round of Rural Mural and Public Art program funding. The program helps rural communities design engaging new art that improves the local aesthetic – making the community more appealing not only for those who live there but for potential new businesses and residents as well. Kansas awarded nearly $1 million from USDA to assist with rural digital divide The Kansas Office of Broadband Development (KOBD) has been awarded nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service through its new Broadband Technical Assistance (BTA) grant program. The $997,000 grant will fund pre-engineering design studies in six rural Kansas counties to help reduce costs and identify avoidable barriers as broadband is deployed there. Creekstone Farms Serving Premium Kansas Meats Worldwide At Creekstone Farms®, excellence is a hallmark from field to fork. Arkansas City-based Creekstone Farms® produces premium beef and pork that’s sought after by consumers across the globe, with Angus beef and Heritage Duroc pork enthusiasts worldwide finding much to love in the company’s outstanding products. View All


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SAM UEI Information

The federal government is transitioning from using DUNS numbers to the SAM UEI as a unique entity identifier for institutions. This will affect all KCAIC grant applicants with a subaward number of NFY19-XXX or higher. We strongly urge that you address this transition, get your SAM UEI immediately and enter it into Submittable before you submit a request for payment, file a final report, or apply for your next grant.

The SAM UEI is a unique 12-character identifier (a combination of letters and numbers) assigned to all entities (public and private companies, individuals, institutions, or organizations) that are required to register to do business with the federal government. The SAM UEI is issued at no cost through the federal System for Award Management website (

Once you obtain your SAM UEI, you may submit it to KCAIC via any one of the following by April 1, 2022:

  • When you submit a request for payment via Submittable
  • When you submit a final report via Submittable
  • When you submit a new application for this grant round via Submittable
  • Via this link:

There are three categories that organizations are currently in:

  1. Your entity has a DUNS number and is registered in
  2. Your entity has a DUNS number and is not registered in
  3. Your entity does not have a DUNS number

Here’s a summary of the steps for each category:

  1. Your entity has a DUNS number and is registered in

If you have an active or inactive registration in today, you’ve already been assigned a Unique Entity ID (SAM UEI). The easiest way to find your entity’s Unique Entity ID (SAM UEI) is to:

  1. Log in to
  2. In your Workspace, select the numbered bubble above “Active” in the Entity Management widget.
  3. You should then see your record(s) appear, and the UEl(s) will be on the left side of each record.

B. Your entity has a DUNS number and is not registered in

  1. Go to and select “Sign In” from the upper right corner of the page. (If you do not have a account, you will need to create one. uses for authentication. Our handout provides more step by step info on setting up the account if you need it.)
  2. After you sign in, the system will navigate you to your Workspace. On the “Entity Management” widget, select the “Get Started” button.
  3. On the next page, enter information about your entity. All fields are required, unless marked as optional.
  4. On the next page, validate that the information provided is correct. For assistance updating your Dun & Bradstreet record, please contact Dun &   Bradstreet. Deselect the checkbox near the bottom of the page if you want to restrict the public viewing of your entity information in (If you deselect the checkbox, only you and federal government users will be able to view your SAM UEI record.}. Then, select “Next.”
  5. On the next page, your entity is validated. You will be asked to certify that you are authorized to conduct transactions on behalf of your entity. Select the checkbox to certify, then select the “Request Unique Entity ID” button.
  6. On the last page, your Unique Entity ID (SAM UEI) will be displayed and you can begin to use it for your entity.

C.   Your entity does not have a DUNS number

  1. Until April 4, 2022, the DUNS number issued by Dun & Bradstreet is the authoritative entity identifier used by the federal government. You need to get a DUNS number first before you can request a Unique Entity ID (SAM UEI).
  2. Go to to request a free DUNS number. It can take 1 2 business days before your DUNS number is issued. When you are assigned your DUNS number, return to and follow the steps outlined under the “Your entity has a DUNS number and is not registered in” section.

“The arts are a vital part of economic development – they’re how we remind each other why we do the work we do to build our communities and our world. Sharing beauty and perspective with the people of Kansas is a fantastic way to ensure they’re happy to continue living and working in our state.”
Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland



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