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Placemaking is the process of activating and creating quality places that people want to be in, strengthening the connection between people and their communities.

The process prioritizes local expertise and community engagement to identify and tackle the most pressing community challenges through creative and equitable solutions that create belonging and empower citizens to make changes in their community. The Community Development Division provides resources and programming for communities that are invested in growing their quality of place.

Engaging Placemaking for Innovative Communities (EPIC)

EPIC 2023 is a pilot program funded by the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission at the Kansas Department of Commerce and the Patterson Family Foundation.

EPIC is an opportunity for arts-driven community development projects designed to connect cross-sector local and regional stakeholders. EPIC provides technical assistance, funding, and mentorship through planning and execution.


Kate Van Steenhuyse, KAC Assistant Director

(785) 379-1608

[email protected]

Spaces to Places

The Community Development Division recently launched this new pilot program. It is designed to build community cohesion as a key to implementing projects. Spaces to Places supports community-led projects that create, revitalize, or activate public spaces to bring people together to improve the quality of place. Community Development staff will guide communities through a four-step process over two to three months to engage cross-sector stakeholders, conduct an assessment of public spaces, and create an action plan.


Elizabeth Heron, Placemaking Community Development Specialist


[email protected]

Placemaking Resources

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