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Private Activity Bonds

Federally tax-exempt bonds


Tim Zimmerman, In-State Business Development Project Manager, North Central Region

(785) 259-2630

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Several organizations wish to implement projects within their community to support its citizens; however, locating the proper funding can often be a challenge. In that case, Qualified Private Activity Bonds (PABs) can be a useful resource.

Examples of qualified projects these bonds have been used for include, but are not limited to:

  • Mass commuting facilities
  • Water furnishing
  • Sewage facilities
  • Solid waste disposal facilities
  • Qualified residential rental projects
  • Facilities for the local furnishing of electric energy or gas
  • Local district heating or cooling facilities
  • Hazardous waste facilities

These are projects we all benefit from, but investment is often a unique challenge. If your organization is pursuing a project for the benefit of your community, these bonds may be for you. 

Who Qualifies

  • Bond issuers, such as local governmental units or community organizations
  • Certain businesses (for qualified industrial or other authorized purposes)
  • Certain individuals or households (see qualified projects)

Eligibility Requirements

The types of bonds qualified for tax-exempt status are:

  • Exempt facility bonds
  • Qualified mortgage bonds
  • Qualified veterans’ mortgage bonds
  • Qualified small issue bonds
  • Qualified student loan bonds
  • Qualified redevelopment bonds
  • Qualified 501(c)(3) bonds

Additional Resources

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Private Activity Bond Application

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