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Federal Bonding Program

Bonding as a job placement tool


Ashla Stowe, Public Service Administrator III

(785) 296-7435

[email protected]

The Federal Bonding program provides individual fidelity bonds to employers for job applicants who are or may be denied coverage by commercial carriers. The Federal Bonding program is a unique hiring incentive tool that targets individuals whose backgrounds can pose significant barriers to securing or retraining employment, including: 

  • Individuals with criminal records 
  • Individuals in recovery from substance use disorders
  • TANF recipients 
  • Individuals with poor credit records
  • Economically disadvantaged youth and adults who lack work histories
  • Individuals dishonorably discharged from the military

Fidelity Bonding may be provided for any individual who:

  • Is not commercially bondable
  • Meets the legal working age in Kansas
  • Has a firm job offer and is qualified for the job
  • Is not self-employed (bondee must be an employee who earns wages with federal taxes automatically deducted from paycheck)
  • Is already employed but needs bonding in order to prevent being laid off or to secure a promotion to a new job at the company

Job candidates benefit because they are provided a second chance to prove themselves as valuable employees. Employers benefit because they provide an avenue to hire skilled job candidates who might not be hired due to their ineligibility for bond coverage. 

The Federal Bonding coverage is provided at no cost to the employer or job applicant. 


Bonding is a Job Placement Tool

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