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International Webinars Video Segments

Information available on your schedule

You need information but you are short on time

International Video Segments are the answer!

When you don’t have time to watch an entire webinar, but you still need the information, video segments can help. Key information is pulled from each segment and presented in short video clips. Whether you have one minute, or one hour, the International Division has you covered.

Mexico: Best Practices in International Trade with Tom Johnston

Kansas/Mexico Services

Mexico Covid 19 Update

Near Shoring


Mexico Best Practices

Kansas/Mexico Success Stories

Developing a Workforce Strategy with Mike Beene and Dr. Greg Mosier

Microcredentialing & Micropathways

Industrial Maintenance Tech

Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education

Kansas Labor Market

Partnership Imperative Study

Establishing Scalable Solutions to Meet the Demands of Clients Worldwide with Kansas Manufacturing Solutions

About Kansas Manufacturing Solutions

What is Scalability?


Supply Chain Management Practices

Spotlight on SE Asia with Jeff Willis, Jim Mayfield and Dan Kim

SE Asia Overview with Jeff Willis

Matchmaking Service

US Commercial Service Overview

SE Asia Overview with Dan Kim

Free Trade Agreements and Export Documentation with Meredith Bond and Jay Devers

Qualifying for FTA Tariff Reduction

Proof of Origin

Regional Value Content

Top Exporting Documents

Freight Forwarder Partnership

Automated Commercial Environment

Environmental, Social and Governance – and what it means for compliance with Lesa Brownell


Why ESG Matters

Industry Highlight

17 Goals of Compliance

Conflict in the Ukraine with Lesa Brownell

Global Sanctions Considerations

Daily Impact

Compliance Considerations

Doing Business in Mexico

Common Business Services

Mexico Key Industries & Top Exports

Financing Options with EXIM Bank and SBA

SBA At-A-Glance

SBA Programs

EXIM Bank Programs

EXIM Bank Business Focus