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Developing a Workforce Strategy

Feb 01, 2023

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Business leaders know that skill shortages and workforce disruptions create problems that ripple through the entire workplace.

Mike Beene, Assistant Secretary of the Kansas Department of Commerce, oversees Workforce Services, Human Resources, Building Services and Workforce AID for the Kansas Department of Commerce. Beene will discuss how to align the company’s goals, the needs of your employees and providing a workplace that will help optimize productivity and high-quality output. Beene will present about workforce recruitment and retention solutions, internship and apprenticeship programs and workforce incentives.

Dr. Greg Mosier, President, Kansas City Kansas Community College, is an innovative and visionary leader, Mosier brings an entrepreneurial spirit in his approach. His efforts have resulted in the development of multiple new programs and pioneering state-of-the-art delivery methodologies for institutions and students in multiple states. Mosier will discuss customized training to meet industry needs, connection education with industry and business and industry partnership.

Download Dr. Greg Mosier’s presentation

Developing a Workforce Strategy Webinar