Community Service Tax Credit Program

The following policies for the Community Service Tax Credit (CSP) Program will be effective for FY 2018 (Project state date July 1, 2018):

  • UPDATED MARCH 12, 2018: Application deadline August 1, 2018 (click here for online application submittal).  Now, you may pay your fee and submit your application.   
    • A non-refundable $250 CSP program application fee can be paid online by Credit Card*, Debit Card*, or ACH** (click here to make an online fee payment); --OR--
    • Mail a paper check to the Kansas Department of Commerce (click here to download the paper check fee payment form for CSP).

      Applications will not be processed until the application fee is received by Commerce.

*A 2.5 percent service fee will be applied to online Credit and Debit Card payments (2.5 percent of the total charge)
**A $1.50 service fee will be applied to online ACH payments

16 nonprofits were awarded Community Service Tax Credits

Each year since 1994, the Kansas Community Service Program (CSP) has given nonprofit organizations a way to improve their ability to undertake major capital fund-raising drives for various projects. Tax credits are allocated each year and awarded on a competitive application basis to nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit organization may offer the Kansas income tax credits to contributors of approved projects.

Projects eligible for tax credit awards include community service, crime prevention, health care, and youth apprenticeship and technical training. Based on the scope and cost of the proposed project, applicants may request up to $250,000 in tax credits. Applicant organizations in rural areas (less than 15,000 population) are eligible for a 70 percent credit. Applicant organizations in non-rural areas are eligible for a 50 percent credit.

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