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Flu vaccine shortage in rural western Kansas

Oct 02, 2019

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Flu season has officially started and people are lining up to receive their vaccines in Wichita. some towns in rural Kansas are seeing a shortage of the vaccines right now. The Edwards County Medical Center and health department in Kinsley is the only vaccination center for miles.

“We have seen quite a few people from the Spearville area come over to our clinic here,” says Thyra Strate, the ECMC Corporate Compliance Officer.

The hospital and clinic in western Kansas ordered 600 doses of the flu vaccine at the beginning of this year. They’ve only received 190, just enough vaccinate their employees.

“We have had patients come in and inquire and we just told them that it is coming, but it could be about a 3 to 4 week delay, which is what our vendor has told us,” says Strate.

In Wichita, some offices are also running out of the supply. The difference, there are plenty of other places carrying the vaccine.

At least in the Wichita area there’s not a vaccine shortage. We’ve got plenty of vaccine, but some clinics will order a limited supply when the first batch comes out so they might not have it all right in the beginning,” says Dr. Sheryl Beard, M.D., President of KAFP.

Beard also want to warn people not to wait to get their flu vaccines. There’s actually a couple week grace period where you aren’t covered to the full extent yet.

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